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5 Things to Consider before Buying an Office Printer

Office Employee Making Copies Using Copier

If you need to buy a new office machine in Anchorage, AK, you may be overwhelmed by the many options of the market. Fortunately, it will become much easier to make your decision when you focus on a few, important components that are a must-have for your needs. Before you buy a new printer for your office be sure to consider these 5 things to make sure you get everything you need in your new machine.


One of your biggest concerns is what you need in a printer, meaning deciding which functions are necessary for your office, which features might be nice to have occasionally, and which ones you know won't get any use at all. Many businesses are turning to all-in-one options that allow you to print from computers and electronic devices, make copies, fax, and scan documents or photos. Take stock of the equipment you already have in your office to determine which functions in a new copier are necessary. You may be able to save money by choosing a simpler machine if you don't plan to use more than one or two of the copier's functions.

Operation Cost

Another important consideration for a new office printer in Anchorage is how much the ink or toner will cost and how readily available it is. Toners and cartridges can vary widely in cost, so it's important to think about this when considering the overall cost of the copier as well as the cost of operating it. Consider other ownership costs as well, like how often it should be professionally maintained and what the cost of such service visits may be.


If your office keeps the printer working constantly throughout the day, you'll need to think about the durability of the machine, which means you should check the duty cycle. This is simply the number of prints a printer should be able to print monthly. Printers that are rated for more pages per month will generally last longer than a lower duty cycle if you print thousands of pages per month. If your office doesn't use the printer that frequently, a lower duty cycle printer should be sufficient for your needs.

Office Employees using Printer

Industry Specifics

Certain printers are better suited to graphics applications, so consider how high quality you need the printed material to be. Basic printers will produce quality written documents, but for high quality pictures you may need something better suited to your specific industry. Another thing you should consider depending on your industry is the size of paper the printer needs to be able to handle. Think about whether or not you'll print mostly on copier paper, cardstock, or photo paper, and whether or not the printer can handle different sizes of paper you may need to use.

Ease of Use

The size of the copier can also make a big impact on how well a printer will work for your office. If quarters are tight, you may want to consider a printer that takes up less space than a larger, bulkier option, so that it's easier to access. In addition, consider the overall ease of use. Are the instructions easy to understand? Is troubleshooting effective? Consider how much training time the machine will require and how useful online help is. In addition, consider whether or not wireless connectivity is important for your office. For more help on choosing a printer that's right for your office, contact Arctic Office Products today!

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