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Why You Might Need a Copier

Best Office Printer Copier Fairbanks AK

A great deal of the data we use and the documents we view are now digital. Contracts can be signed digitally. Presentations are given digitally, and the "handouts" can be shared via email. Everything from bank statements and utility bills to home sales and employment contracts can be provided in a digital format. So why would any modern business need to buy a copier in Fairbanks, AK? The truth is, there are still many uses for a printer and a copier in the modern office space. Keep reading to learn just a few of the ways that having a business copier can benefit you.

They Rarely Come Alone

First, it's important to note that business copiers nowadays do far more than just make copies. In fact, you'd probably be hard-pressed to find a business copier that only copies. You're far more likely to find what's known as a multifunction device (MFD). MFDs perform the tasks of a printer, copier, and scanner—and can sometimes be upgraded to perform other functions as well. This means that when you get a copier for your office, you're not just getting a copier but a machine that can help you handle all your paper documents more effectively.

Better Document Management

Ensuring you have a copier in your office can help you manage your company's documents better. No matter how much of an effort you make to eliminate paper in your office, the odds are that you're still going to receive some paper documents. For example, you may email a contract to a new client, but they might not know how to create a digital signature to place on the PDF. Instead, they'll print it out, sign it, and mail you the signed copy. You're now left with a physical document for this new client when the rest of your client documents are digitized. How do you ensure that this document is properly stored to avoid confusion and reduce the risks of losing the document?

You scan it, of course. Having a multifunction copier that can create a digitized version of your signed document allows you to maintain your document management system rather than having to maintain separate files for all of your physical paperwork. While it might sound counterintuitive, having a copier in your office can actually help you use less paper while making your digital document management efforts more effective.

Save on Payroll

As we've already stated, the odds are extremely high that you'll have to handle at least some physical documents. If you don't have any machine to help you create a copy or scan in that document, you'll have to take it to a print shop—and you'll have to do that every time you get any paper documents in your office. That takes time, and since you'll probably have to pay an employee to run that errand for you, it costs money too.

Instead, they can focus their saved time on higher-level responsibilities that offer more benefits to your business. Additionally, as mentioned above, many printers can be outfitted with additional functions. These include functions like stapling and hole-punching batches of papers as they come out of the printer. This means that you can save even more time for your employees by not only being able to print necessary documents in-house but by automatically binding those packets or preparing those papers to be placed in a folder or binder. This can save significant time for whichever unlucky employee would have been left with that task.

Better Serve Your Clients

Even if your business is striving to modernize and keep everything paperless, there will always be a few clients who prefer to do things "the old-fashioned way." The fact of the matter is that, as a business, trying to force your preferences for digitization on customers isn't a great idea. Rather, you should be making an effort to meet your client's needs and serve them in a manner they're most comfortable with—including physical copies of paperwork, in some cases.

If you refuse to meet the needs of these clients who are resistant to digitization, you might find them moving on to another company that will do more to cater to them. Investing in an MFD that can handle any document-related request from your clients is a simple task, and it can go a long way towards building a relationship of respect with your clients.

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Your Employees Will Thank You

Of course, your clients aren't the only ones who might still be attached to the paper. While you should certainly encourage your employees to adhere to your paperless office efforts, some allowances should be made for individuals who simply learn and retain information differently. Studies have shown that most people retain information better when it's in a printed format rather than on a screen. While most people may still be able to follow along in a presentation or retain the information from a manual or training document just fine in a digital format, others will have a harder time with it.

They may prefer to print that packet out so they can be more engaged in whatever training they're attending or to ensure that they're actually learning the materials you've given them. Providing them with a printer allows your employees, regardless of their reading format preferences, to learn in the way that's best for them, and they will thank you for it.

Invest in an Office Copier

If you're ready to reap the benefits of having a multifunction office printer/copier in your business, contact Arctic Office Products today. We'll help you find the best office printer/copier in Fairbanks, AK, for your business's needs, so you can start better serving your clients, saving on payroll, and managing your documents more effectively. Call now or stop by one of our showrooms to learn more about the models we have in stock.

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