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Monday ESOL Endorsement SY2021-22. 2.0 item. Dothan Co Dothan Alabama ESOL Test Grade 2.Tag Archives: love I’ve got a new love of a magazine! It’s better than any chocolate… It’s a NEW VOGUE!!! No more old Vogue with the overused issues cover and those worn out coffee table pictures. The new look is crisp, clear, and in color… I LOVE IT!!! In fact, it looks so good that I want to donate all my Vogue magazines to Goodwill right now. After looking at this issue, I think I’ll try to dig out an old Vogue magazine at Goodwill tomorrow… This issue has gorgeous pictures of supermodel Heidi Klum and model Alessandra Ambrosio (the Victoria’s Secret angel). It also has the stunning Pamela Anderson and model Helena Christensen. These women are amazing. I’m in love with their chiseled jaws, their skin, their luscious lips, their eyes and their smiles. Their hair is also lovely. I also like the pictures of the new Victoria’s Secret Angels. I’m not sure if they’re stunning or hot… but they look stunning to me! These pictures have been taken by photographer Mario Testino. Apparently, he used Photoshop quite a bit on these shots. When I see one of the pictures, I notice all the details but when I click on the picture it looks quite… odd. I’ve only clicked on one or two of the pictures. The new pictures are a little odd. One picture has a thin, tall woman with very defined cheekbones and large eyes, a long nose and small mouth, and a face that looks almost like a long, thin blob. It looks like a blob, but it’s a man! The man is standing next to the stunning Pamela Anderson. The small woman is completely nude except for her hand. Her hand is stretched out in front of her towards the thin woman. Her hand looks like a hairy, white spider. I would love to know who the man was and what his story is. It looks like a very sad story. The other picture has a beautiful woman with a pouty lip and an elongated face. The woman’s lips look so puffy, I wonder how she holds them in a way that doesn



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