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5 Ways to Prevent Copier Maintenance Issues

Employee Using Copier Machine

A broken copier in your office means workflow is interrupted. Not only is your team’s productivity affected, but repairing your copier machine can be costly. The best way to avoid downtime and expensive repairs is to prevent problems from arising in the first place. Keep reading to learn ways to prevent copier maintenance issues.

Buy Quality Equipment

Preventing copy machine problems begins with buying quality equipment. There’s a lot of copier equipment available and sometimes, it seems like they’re all the same. However, this couldn't be farther from the truth. Some businesses make the mistake of buying the cheapest equipment they can get away with and this ends up costing them more money in the future. To find quality equipment, work closely with professionals to get the guidance you need to buy a copier in Anchorage that’s right for your budget and your workload.

Teach Your Staff How to Use the Machine

A lot of copy machine issues are caused by user errors. Train your staff on how to use the machine. Don’t assume they already know how to use the equipment or that they’ll read the instruction manual. Show them how to install new ink and how to select the right paper size for the printing job. Common issues that sideline copy machines often involve employees using the wrong-size paper in the tray. Taking the time to train your employees on how to operate the copy equipment means they’ll spend less time fiddling with the machine, pushing random buttons, and causing paper jams.

Use the Right Type of Toner and Ink

Your user manual will tell you what type of toner and ink cartridges you need for your office’s copy machine. A mistake that many business owners make is buying an off-brand, cheaper ink along with toner cartridges to cut down on supply costs. Doing this may end up breaking your new equipment. Whether you have a black and white copier or a color copier, purchase the correct products for printing to ensure your copy machine lasts for years to come.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

Like any piece of machinery, copy machines need to be maintained. Most office supply stores that sell copy machines include quarterly maintenance checks as part of the service contracts. Don’t forget to schedule routine maintenance. During the service calls, your technician will check the machine for any signs of disrepair, making adjustments as needed. If you’re experiencing any problems with the quality of printing or ease of use, mention these issues to your technician to get them fixed right away.

Person Cleaning Copier Machine

Clean the Equipment

In between maintenance checks, it’s important to clean your office equipment. This includes wiping it down once a month to remove debris, fingerprints, and dust. Use a glass cleaner to keep the glass free of smudges. Canned air is a great product to use on copy equipment to get rid of dust in hard to reach places. Surprisingly, it doesn’t take a lot of dust to cause a machine to malfunction.

Maintaining your copy equipment means your business won’t be interrupted by annoying copier malfunctions. You and your office staff will enjoy the perks of having the best copier experience and they’ll be fewer angry incidents involving the equipment. If you do have issues with your copier machine in Anchorage, contact Arctic Office Products to schedule a service call and get your machine back in service without delay.

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