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An Insight into the Canon ImageRunner Advance C7260 Copier

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Multifunctional copiers are one of the most important pieces of equipment your business can invest in. These devices make office life much easier by allowing your staff to perform multiple tasks at the same time, saving them time and energy. The ImageRunner Advance C7260 isn’t just a great Canon printer for Anchorage, AK, businesses. You can also scan, fax, and copy documents quickly and efficiently. Here are some more facts about the Canon C7260 copier.


The Canon ImageRunner C7260 multifunctional copier turns workloads from single processes into a seamless flow of shared information. This Canon office machine has a compact communications hub that significantly enhances organization and increases performance and productivity. It’s incredibly intuitive as well, with an easy-to-use interface that you can access from the machine or from your computer or smart device.

The C7260 is one of the best Canon copiers on the market with advanced technology and extensive enterprise applications that work impeccably with any device. Your printouts, whether in color or black and white, will be high impact and crisp every time, even when you are on the go, and can be saved to the cloud. Plus, the C7260 comes with multilayered safeguards that will keep your business’s confidential data secure and comply with the safeguards already in place.

Advanced Design

The Canon ImageRunner C7260 is designed to help you and your staff finish tasks easily and quickly. This Canon copier printer has universal support features and the latest document solutions, improving accessibility, communication, connectivity, and collaboration between you and your staff. You can customize the interface and features and integrate functions with enterprise apps, cloud-based services, and mobile devices.

The C7260 Canon copier printer lets you display your company’s logo and other unique graphics in the background of the main menu. The quick menu allows you and your staff to access and complete individual workloads and routine tasks effortlessly. You can even change the size and number of buttons to suit your work needs. Canon’s C7260 seamlessly syncs hardware and software solutions using smart, flexible systems that deploy settings throughout your business. These settings let you embed, update, and change apps whenever the need arises.

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Enhanced Workflow

The powerful digital communications center of the Canon ImageRunner Advanced C7260 copier allows you and your staff to work from anywhere. The one button interface lets you access documents from the cloud and print from any smart device (iPad, iPhone, tablet, BlackBerry, etc.) safely. You will also be able to better manage, prepare, and monitor documents on any PC without needing to open an application.

With the C7260, you can use multiple formats, convert files to PDFs, preview, finalize, fax, and print documents using a simple drag and drop function. When you have complex or repeat tasks, the C7260s Workflow Composer creates an all-in-one button you can register to the quick menu that lets you distribute these tasks to several destinations in one step. You can also simplify the exchange of information using Advanced Box.

Increased Control

The Canon ImageRunner Advanced C7260 multifunctional copier comes with advanced device management tools that give you greater control over you company’s resources and data. The management tools gives you control from your PC or through cloud-based services. You can install and replace devices, transfer settings and information to other devices, and share apps and settings across company networks. Plus, you can track everyone’s activity so you know when supplies are low or services are needed.

The C7620 has state-of-the-art, multilayered safeguards that keep sensitive company data secure. Your passwords and encryption keys with a security chip that comes with built-in tamperproof hardware. Remove covert images from hard drives after completion of tasks with the HDD Erase tool. Encrypt and protect sensitive data, even after hard drives are removed, with HDD Lock and HDD Data Encryption tools.

The Canon C7260 lets you track, manage, and influence the behavior of your users. You can also evaluate how much color or black and white ink employees and clients use and enforce printing rules to make sure resources are used wisely. The copier printer’s system can also direct jobs to the most affordable devices.

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