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An Office Copier Maintenance Checklist to Consider

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Your office copier is one of the most critical pieces of equipment in your business environment. It can be a useful implement for reproducing documents and driving productivity. However, when it fails to operate to its full potential, it can cause your workflow to stall, meaning you’ll get less done. And when a business of any size sees a drop in productivity, that business usually experiences a corresponding drop in revenue.

Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to ensure that your office copier in Fairbanks, AK, experiences maximum uptime and a longer lifespan of service. However, even the best office copier will fail to perform if basic maintenance tasks aren’t performed routinely to keep your critical business equipment running smoothly. Keep reading for a checklist of routine maintenance tasks that should be performed on your office copier to keep it at maximum productivity.

Keep Toner on Hand

While not technically a maintenance task, maintaining an adequate supply of toner is a best practice that can ensure continuity of operation and prevent the use of old or compromised toner products. By stocking toner, you’ll never have to experience running a cartridge dry, as there will always be a backup ready to be put into action. Also, you won’t feel compelled to use old toner since you’ll have a ready supply on hand. If you don’t have the space to maintain a toner inventory, simply put a check toner appointment on your calendar so that you remember to check it weekly.

Clean the Glass

Your copier makes use of several key components that feature glass. It’s important that those pieces of glass remain grease-, smudge-, and dust-free at all times to get the best results from your copier. Cleaning these components can be done by almost anyone, though care should be taken since the components in question are delicate. Use a soft cloth and alcohol-free cleaner to wipe off the scanner glass, the platen glass, the mirrors, and the slit glass. You can also have your copier maintenance profession handle the task for you.

Someone Adding Papers into Copying Machine

Protect Your Paper

The status of your paper is critical to your copier, so make sure that you take good care of it. Keep it in a low moisture atmosphere to prevent sticking that can cause jams. Also, avoid using old paper that’s overly dry, as it can become brittle and tear easily. Make sure you store the paper properly by separating it by type. A common source of jams can develop when several different types or textures of paper are mixed in with one another. The best practice is to use one ream before putting new paper into the tray, unless it’s the same type and brand of paper.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

If you’ve purchased a new copier, it probably came with a warranty and service agreement. Make use of it while you can by scheduling regular routine maintenance for your office machine. Doing so won’t only help you preserve your warranty, but it will also allow a professional to regularly examine your copier to make sure that all systems are properly working. The standard period between professional maintenance visits should be about three months, so have a technician examine your office machines at regular intervals.

If you want to get the most out of your office copier, attend to these regular maintenance tasks to extend its lifespan and keep it in optimal working order. For more information about maintenance tasks for your office copier, contact Arctic Office Products at (907) 276-2322.

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