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Essential Equipment for Your Office

Canon Printer Machines Fairbanks AK

Keeping your team running and the workflow flowing requires the right office equipment. At Arctic Office, it’s our goal to make sure your business has what it needs to get the job done efficiently and effectively every day. Whether you’re in the market for phones, furniture, or copy machines in Fairbanks, AK, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a quick look at five things we think are essential to a fully functional office:


Effective, reliable communication is vital to a healthy business. Your vendors and customers want to be able to reach you easily; they need to know that when they call, you’re there. Almost nothing loses customers faster than a phone tree that’s impossible to follow, takes too long to navigate, or that leads to a phone that is never answered or a voicemail box that’s full. Being responsive to your customers and providing exceptional customer services begins with a solid phone system.


You’re going to need a computer. The nature of the computer really depends on your business. At a minimum, you need hardware and software that will allow you to organize your operations and manage the business side of things such as accounting, HR, and logistics. You also need a way to store and backup your data.

Internet and Networks

Internet connections and networking allow your computers and other devices to connect to one another. Your productivity depends on a solid system that handles high speed and traffic seamlessly.

Printers, Copiers, Scanners, and More

Nowadays, it’s possible to get all this functionality in one multifunction machine. If you have a small office and your routine needs are minimal, a multifunction office copy machine in Fairbanks, AK, is a great option. These workhorses cost less and take up less space than investing in multiple single-function machines. However, if your business regularly prints or copies high quantities of documents, single-function machines that are designed to handle large volumes will be a better choice. Talk to the team at Arctic Office about your needs, and we’ll help you find the right machine.


Security is a serious concern. Shredding important documents protects your information and keeps proprietary data from getting into outside hands. Paper shredding is also an effective way to condense waste and save on recycling or trash pick-up fees. Don’t leave security to chance; when in doubt, shred it.

Canon Copier Printer Fairbanks AK

Trust Arctic Office

Arctic Office is your Alaskan source for Canon office copiers and printers, as well as a full range of other office equipment, including furniture, supplies, and much, much more. Whether you’re starting a new business and need equipment to get you off the ground or you’re upgrading to the latest new technologies, we have what you need. We are the area’s premier supplier of the best brands in the industry. Call us today to get the latest technology solutions. You’ll love our mix of modern know-how with good, old-fashioned customer service. Trust all your office equipment needs to Arctic Office.

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