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Essential Office Supplies You Might Not Know About

Coworkers Planning On Idea Board

In order to run a successful business, you need to make sure you have all the appropriate office supplies to not only have high productivity but to keep your staff and customers comfortable as well. In addition to typical filing cabinets in Fairbanks, AK, there are other office essentials you may not have thought about before. Here are some office supplies to consider that can help your business run more smoothly.

Charging Stations

Most offices have a plethora of electronic devices that are used frequently throughout the day. While these are helpful in many ways, it can become stressful to make sure all the devices are properly charged and that there’s somewhere convenient to charge them. When purchasing new personal computer desks or conference tables, look for those that are already equipped with charging stations. An added bonus is desks that have a cable holder to help eliminate clutter and keep all those necessary chargers in one place.

Adjustable Desks

Adjustable desks are another thing to consider because research has shown that it’s a good idea to stand up frequently with a desk job. An adjustable desk makes it easier to transition between sitting and standing so that employees can work comfortably from any height or position.

Digital Display

Digital displays are a great way to present to your own staff or to potential clients and customers. The options for these displays vary widely, so you’re sure to find a selection that will help you maximize the use of technology when brainstorming or presenting new ideas.

Idea Boards

Smaller offices may not need an elaborate, interactive display for a dedicated conference room, so an idea board is a great alternative. This is basically a whiteboard that can be moved around the office whenever you’re having a meeting. Questions or ideas can quickly be jotted down on the idea board to help brainstorm and get ideas flowing. It’s an inexpensive yet effective way to produce a quick visual of ideas that are being shared.

Desk Organizers

Productivity can drastically be reduced when there’s too much clutter in the office or on the desks. Desk organizers are simple ways to organize all the necessary supplies that are frequently used like sticky notes, pens, paper clips, and more. You can have organizers at individual desks as well as a lazy Susan-type organizer that can be used in a conference room to make supplies readily available without the clutter.

Desk and Keyboard Vacuums

A clean workspace is another great way to improve efficiency. You may want to keep miniature keyboard vacuums on hand to keep your office equipment working effectively. A desk vacuum helps keep the area clean and is small enough to be stored at the desk so that the work area is kept clean and tidy.

Desk Accessories

Comfort while working is just as important as having the necessary supplies to do your work. Accessories like a humidifier at your desk can be helpful during the dry winter months, and there are options that can help keep the air clean as well. A mini desk heater is another accessory to consider if you frequently have cold hands at work.

Massage Chairs

Finally, massage chairs are an essential component of modern office furniture in Fairbanks, AK, because they can improve morale and increase productivity as a result. Consider purchasing one or multiple chairs to relax employees and improve focus. To learn what other office supplies you need, contact Arctic Office Products today.

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