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Forecasting the Latest Office Furniture Trends for 2019

Fancy Cubicle with Wooden Finish

A trendy office looks cutting-edge, relevant, and successful to the public. People want to align themselves with success will hire your services or buy your products. It's as simple as that. If you need better office furniture that's more in keeping with modern times, consider the following guide.

Here are the trends that you're likely to see in 2019. Use this guide to shop for office furniture near Fairbanks, AK.

Shared Space Furniture

As open, shared, and more casual workspaces become the future, and more creative industries are influencing the economy, more open and collaborative setups require more open office furniture. Shared space furniture, like sleek office couches, lounge chairs, and shared desks will be more popular than ever.

The best office furniture in 2019 should feel less private and instead feel more collaborative, helping employees feel more connected to each other as they get their work done.

Comfortable Waiting and Lounge Rooms

Comfort takes over professionalism in 2019 common rooms. Look for office furniture stores to offer better cushioned seating, pillows, and chairs with better lean to make the customer or client feel more comfortable in your office. Also look for more trendy colors outside of a plain, beige-and-white business palette that people have grown tired of. Bright colors and bold patterns on upholstery will make a bigger impact in 2019 offices.

Modern office with New Computers

Smart Furniture

These days, even your washing machine can be as smart as a cell phone. Office furniture stores are finally working to keep up with increasing demands for smart products. Look in 2019 for bluetooth-enabled standing desks, tabletop touchscreens -- especially for conference tables -- and under-mounted CPU holders that save desk space and keep you connected as you work. New office furniture will even contain built-in charging stations and USB connectivity.

Simple Desks

In the 1980s, large and overly complex desks were a sign of power and importance. Large, L-shaped desks with multiple cabinets, drawers, and shelves weren't just appropriately intimidating, they were necessary in a paper-dependent business society. But 2019 is different. Everything is uploaded to the cloud, streamed, and performed on smaller and smaller screens. Therefore, you'll see simpler, more refined desks in 2019. Just a simple surface for putting down your coffee, you smartphone, and your computer. That's all you need to get the job done in 2019.

Natural Elements

In 2019, office furniture will take a note from home furniture and lean more toward natural elements. In a world that's beginning to feel increasingly artificial and tech-dependent, natural furnishings and bright, open views are preferred to plastic and particle board. Glass surfaces, real wood furniture, and office plants will make offices feel a little more authentic and more personable. This sort of environment can make you come off as more authentic and trustworthy to your customers.

For more office furniture trends, and to shop for the best furniture for your business, visit Arctic Office Products today. They have the best office furniture near Fairbanks, AK, and can install desks, bookshelves, and more, directly in your place of business. Whether you're a new business eager to open to the public or just want to renovate your existing furniture for more modern tastes, visit Arctic Office Products online.

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