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How a New Printer Can Improve Your Bottom Line

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Maybe a printer isn’t really in your office budget right now. Consider reviewing your budget. If there’s any way you can fit a new printer in before next year, you can likely make a positive impact on your bottom line. Read on and discover a few ways purchasing a new office printer can help you increase your company’s net profits.

Older Printers Eat Ink

Whether you use ink cartridges or toner, ink costs your business in terms of dollars and inconvenience. There’s nothing as frustrating as running out of ink or toner in the middle of a major print job. Even more frustrating is reviewing how much your company spends on ink and other printer supplies.

The older your printer, the more you probably spend on toners and cartridges. That’s because printer supplies produced for the current market are more readily available and, often, more cost-effective. Anytime you need supplies for an obsolete office machine, you’ll pay more. You can find a variety of new printers, including certain Canon printers that use less ink or toner.

New Printers Mean Fewer IT Calls

If you’re a small business, you may not have a dedicated IT person or team. Maybe you’re the IT person. If so, you already know as a printer ages, it needs more TLC. For the larger business with IT staff, that means tying up the team with printer repairs and network issues. Your aging printer could be costing you precious dollars spent on high-level skills that should be utilized for other IT support tasks. New printers won’t need as much support. They also come with onboard support tools that most office staff can use.

Who Is Printing What?

Having insight into the types of print jobs your business uses is critical to your bottom line. Print jobs are one area that most companies feel are often out of control. Whether someone sends print jobs that aren’t necessary, or someone prints out their kid’s birthday invites every year (for multiple kids), it’s costing you money.

It’s often not enough to create a printing policy. You need to be able to evaluate if the policy is effective. Shop for a new office printer in Fairbanks, AK, that allows you to assess printer use. Then, you can figure out ways to save money on printing, adding to your bottom line.

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Enjoy Less Downtime with a New Printer

Downtime costs your company money. When staff members wait for a printer repair, work comes to a halt. When a printer goes down, it can affect an entire office or department. For a larger company, when one printer goes down, it can mean routing to another printer, which affects another department’s productivity. Less productivity always means a negative effect on your net profit.

Upgrading a Printer Saves Energy

Older printers aren’t always energy efficient. Upgrading to a new machine means better energy-saving features like sleep mode and automatic shut-off. Another way you can save energy is by purchasing a multifunctional machine that includes a printer, copier, and scanner. When you consolidate those three jobs, you won’t have as many machines consuming energy. Lower energy bills translate to more profit for your business.

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