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Keys to Choosing the Perfect Ergonomic Chair for Your Office

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Choosing the right chair for your work or home office is essential. The wrong chair could cause health problems, such as back pain, leg issues, and carpal tunnel. With the right ergonomic chair, your workers are less likely to miss work for health reasons and are more productive. Some jobs require sitting for a good portion of the day, and employees need to be comfortable. Know what to look for in an ergonomic chair when shopping for office furniture in Anchorage, AK.


Choose a chair with a height so your feet are flat on the floor (with the knees bent at a 90-degree angle) and your armrests are the same level as your desk. The height of the chair, as well as the armrests, should be adjustable, so the chair fits employees of different heights. Some chairs are easier to adjust than others. Try pneumatic adjustable seat and armrests. If you have an employee who is particularly short or tall, you'll need to get a special chair for him or her.

Back Support

The chair you choose should support the curvature of your back. Sitting in a chair with inadequate back support can lead to back issues, such as sciatica. The backrest of the chair should be adjustable, so each user can get the right fit for his or her back. An employee sitting in a chair that doesn't support his or her back will not be comfortable, will take more breaks, and will be less productive.

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The Seat

No one seat fits everybody but find the width and depth that will fit the most people. When sitting with your back against the backrest of the chair, you should have 2 to 4 inches between the edge of the seat and your knees. Find a chair with adjustable tilt. It will allow the employee to change positions when performing different tasks.

The seat itself should be comfortable to sit on. Get a seat with plenty of padding. Get a chair with quality foam. A low-quality foam will deteriorate quickly, and you or your employee will be left with a hard seat. A cloth material that breathes is a good choice for a covering. Insufficient or uneven padding could lead to problems with the alignment of the hips and back. Over a period of time, you or your employee could develop back strain or other health problems.


Your ergonomic desk chair will have wheels. Make sure the wheels or coasters move easily. You'll need to invest in mats under the chairs if you have carpet or hardwood floors. Being able to roll the chair helps you and your employees move the chair to reach things instead of stretching or turning the body awkwardly in the chair. Pay attention to the size of the wheels. You don't want an employee tripping on a coaster and injuring a foot or ankle. Make sure mats are flat to the floor to avoid slips or trips.

Try It Out

Before you invest in an ergonomic chair, you'll want to sit in the chair or have employees who'll be using the chairs try them out. It's the only way to know it's the right fit. Make sure the seat is comfortable and can be adjusted easily.

You want the best office furniture for you and your employees. Visit Arctic Office Products when you're looking for the right ergonomic chair for your home or work office.

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