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Latest Computer Desk Trends for 2019

Woman working at standing desk

Every office needs high-quality computer desks. Computer desks help every employee handle their daily tasks in a space that feels private, giving everyone a sense of importance in the workspace. Everyone from support staff to upper-level management needs a computer desk. It's a requirement that's universal across industries.

But you shouldn't just buy the cheapest, standard desks that you can find. Computer desks should also be stylish and technologically advanced. It's strange to think of the word "technology" when you're talking about furniture, but well-designed office furniture can increase your productivity, protect your valuable tech products, and add stylish features to your office design.

So what does your office really need? Take note of the following trends. These are the features that managers are looking for in 2019 to help themselves--and their employees--work their best.

Standing Desks

Sitting for extended periods of time isn't just bad for your health, it's also bad for productivity. Too much time in a relaxed position can cause you to drift off, become unfocused, or even become lazy. Standing desks allow you to be productive more quickly and with a sharper focus. You can stay healthier too. Group health in general is a top trend in 2019 offices.

Adjustable Desks

Not every employee has the same body dimensions or posture. So why should everyone have to try to fit themselves into the same type of desk? Adjustable desks with varying heights and formations are extremely popular in 2019 because they're ergonomic. Raise or lower your computer desk so you're typing at about elbow height and sitting up straight.

Streamlined Storage Desks

The exposed storage shelves will make your computer desk look neat and professional. And while you might expect the lack of concealed storage to give you a messy look, storing your materials like dossiers and supplies out in the open actually encourages you to be neater. Working neat means being more productive. Many studies have shown that a neat workspace helps you manage your stress and stay focused.

Tiered Desks

The multi-monitor setup is ideal for many industries, from audio/visual production to medical billing. Nearly everyone who works in management has several activities to juggle at once. So why not work at a desk that allows you to set up several computer monitors and displays? Tiered desks are popular in 2019 because their various surface heights allow you to set up your desk with as much technology as you need without having to crowd the surface or minimize space.

Man with three computer monitors

Simplistic Desks

Architects, accountants, and secretaries alike have a big struggle to contend with when they set up their desks: accommodating technological necessities like computers and telephones but also keeping ample space at their desk to do work by hand. A large, simplistic office desk with a streamlined, table design is on-trend in 2019 because it suits various types of tasks. Spread out paper and get work done by hand, then roll your chair over to the other side of your desk to work on your keyboard. You can do it all when your desk provides ample room. Also, if you're on a budget, a tabletop design makes a great cheap computer desk.

Material Mashup Desks

If you have style on the brain, then look no further than desks that combine various materials. Real, sturdy wood in a natural finish or a lean glass tabletop combined with durable metal legs mix up textures for a stylish look. A small writing desk makes for a stylish computer desk when you combine old-fashioned and contemporary design elements.

No matter what type of furniture you need for your office, shop at Arctic Office Products for high quality at great prices. Explore our online catalog to find your next computer desk in Anchorage, AK.

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