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Multifunction Printer vs Color Copier: What's Best for Your Business?

Man in Office Making Copies

Even in an era of digital files and server farms, printing is still a part of doing business. Sometimes, you want a hard copy as a backup. On other occasions, you may need fliers, handouts, pamphlets, or packets for training materials. Whatever the reason, printing and copying are still needed in an office environment. A copier in Anchorage is bound to come in handy, but how do you determine whether you need a color copier or a multifunction printer? It turns out that it's relatively easy to narrow down your needs and make a firm decision.

What to Consider

Before you make a purchase, it's wise to consider your specific needs. Think about what you do most in the office, both in terms of sheer volume and frequency. You might want to take notes and ask around the office. The more accurate the information, the better.

Consider all factors. How much space do you have available? Do you also have to scan and fax? Are there specific functions or options that are important? What's the typical size of the copies you create? Do you use a lot of legal paper? Is speed the most important factor, or do you also have to have crisp color and excellent clarity? Consider all of these variables before you finalize a decision and make a purchase.

Color Copier

Photocopiers have advanced by leaps and bounds. Previously, auto-duplex (double sided) printing was a rare exception. Today, it's the norm. In fact, many modern color copiers are also multifunction printers, but they frequently have a number of additional features as well.

Copiers accommodate a wide range of different paper sizes, and you can choose from various finishes and bindings. For larger businesses and work groups, a color copier provides a more robust and powerful option when compared to multifunction printers.

While printers might be adequate for a smaller office that does a minimal amount of printing, a full-sized copier can keep up with a much greater demand. As an added bonus, photocopiers easily maintain both quality and speed. This is one of the key benefits of a copier. Photocopiers tend to be significantly faster than printers, which saves time and allows you to stay on top of tasks.

Man Using Copier in Office

Multifunction Printer

The multifunction printer (MFP) is a staple of home offices. This is because they allow for faxing, scanning, printing, and copying from a single device. This is highly convenient. If you're willing to pay a bit extra, you could opt for a laser printer. Laser printers tend to print faster than their inkjet counterparts, and they don't go through ink as quickly. On the other hand, inkjets may produce richer colors if you need to print photos.

However, there are some downsides. First and foremost, printers don't hold up as well under heavy workloads. If you produce a large number of copies and frequently have a high volume of output, you may be buying a new printer every few months. Additionally, the printing speeds are usually not on par with a copier. On the plus side, a multifunction printer is often fairly compact, taking up minimal space. This is one of reasons they're popular for home offices. If you have very little room available and do a minimal amount of printing, an MFP could be an excellent choice.

Making the Decision

Ultimately, you have to weigh the pros and cons of each. A copier is faster and longer lasting. The multifunction printer is smaller and still has some desirable features. If you're looking for a color copier in Anchorage, speak with the experts at Arctic Office Products. We’ll be able to help you find the perfect product that meets all your business needs.

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