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Right Time to Replace Your Office Printer

Right Time to Replace Your Office Printer

Signs It’s Time for a New Printer

  1. Your Printer is Old. If your machine is slow or using a lot of ink or toner, it’s old. Also, if finding replacement parts or ink and toner cartridges has become a struggle, it’s time to move on.

  2. Your Printer Can’t Keep Up. If you’re continually refilling paper trays, frequently replacing toner or ink cartridges, or experiencing perpetually slow functioning and increasing error rates, make an upgrade.

  3. Your Printer Isn’t Compatible with New Technology. Advanced printer capabilities include scanning, copying, automatic double-sided printing, wi-fi, and Bluetooth connectivity, and more.

  4. Your Printer Is Breaking. Printers that make clicking or grinding noises or experience frequent malfunctions like paper jams and blemishes need to be replaced.

  5. Your Printing Needs Have Changed. Whatever evolution your business has experienced, you need a new printer to evolve with you.

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