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Things That Can Affect Your Office Copier

Stacks of Papers

For many businesses, the office copy machine is at the very heart of productivity. Today’s business copiers in Anchorage, AK, can do far more than their predecessors, as many serve as full spectrum document centers capable of scanning, copying, collating, stapling, and faxing documents with quality and precision. Because of the importance of the office copier in a business environment, careful maintenance and upkeep is critical to keep your machine in optimal working order.

Fortunately, there are many things you can do to maintain your office equipment so that it provides years of faithful service. However, the opposite is also true. There are many factors that, if left unattended, can wreak havoc on your small business copier. That can lead to extended periods of downtime, which in turn leads to downturns in productivity. More importantly, lost productivity leads to lost opportunities for revenue, which is an outcome that few small businesses can absorb. Keep reading to learn more about some of the common factors that can impact the performance of your office copier.

Paper Type and Quality

Paper is the lifeblood of your copy machine, and as a result, it is critical to the performance of your copier. Not only must you use the right type of paper for your copy machine, but you also must make sure it is of the right quality. Your copier is calibrated for several sizes of paper, and it’s important that you only use paper that corresponds to those size specifications. If the paper is improperly sized, even only marginally, it can result in feeding errors and poor printing alignment. The quality of paper is also important. Paper that has been in storage for long periods can become degraded by humidity. It can stick together, which can cause jams during feeding. Older paper may also be brittle, which means it can tear more easily when passing through the printer. Any torn fragments can also result in jams. Use only new, high quality paper for best results in your office machines.

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Toner Quality

Toner is the next most critical component to your copier’s performance, and as is the case with paper, you should only use the right type and quality of toner for best results. Incorrect toner will not only fail to function in your copier, but it can also cause damage to it. If the toner cartridges don’t fit the printer properly, the powdered toner can leak, which will reduce the quality of printing and potentially damage sensitive copier components.

Dirty Components

Your printer is a sensitive piece of equipment, and it takes a beating during heavy use in a business environment. Critical components of the system become dirty throughout usage. The scanner glass and mirrors used to reproduce images can become smudged or gather dust, which will impact the quality of the documents you reproduce. It’s important to keep those components clean, whether you elect to do it yourself or have your copier maintenance provider handle it on your behalf at regular intervals.

Heavy Workload

While most modern office products are made to withstand the rigors of the business environment, they still must be allowed to recover after periods of heavy use. The technology used in copy machines generates heat, and if that heat isn’t dissipated it can cause excessive wear to your copier and damage sensitive components. Make sure that if your copier has an energy saving mode that you use it when the machine isn’t being used, such as overnight or on the weekends.

If you depend on your office copier to maintain productivity in your business, make sure that you consider these factors to get better performance and longer lifespan from your office products. To learn more about the factors that can affect the performance of your office copier, contact Arctic Office Products at (907) 276-2322.

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