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Things You Should Look for in a Color Copier

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Are you thinking about buying a new color copier for your office? Perhaps your old one broke down, or maybe it’s just outdated, and you want an upgrade. Regardless of your reason, there is no time like the present to purchase a color copier in Fairbanks. But finding the right one for your business’ unique needs can be difficult. Keep reading to learn about the most important features you should look for in a copier.

Image Quality

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a copier is image quality. If your business relies on high-quality photos, brochures, and documents, you will need to find a machine that offers high-resolution images. This is true for businesses like real estate agencies, for example, who depend on high-quality images and documents to sell their homes and run their businesses. For businesses that only use color documents for minor graphics, you can save money by choosing a copier with a more moderate resolution.

Production Capacity

Next, think about how often you will use the copier. If your current color copier is always in use and there seems to be a line to use it at all times, you may need a machine with a higher production capacity that can complete jobs faster. Medium to large-sized businesses may also want a copier with a larger paper storage capacity, so you don’t have to reload the paper tray frequently. For businesses like these, try to find a color copier that can produce 100,000 copies per month at 35 to 45 copies per minute (cpm). For smaller companies or those that do not make as many copies, a smaller model will be suitable.

Additional Features

Look at the extra features offered by the color copiers, too. Some machines can make booklets, create covers, add watermarks, and more. Consider everything you want your new copier to be able to do for your business and look for a machine that can handle your workload. Keep in mind that not all copiers perform the same extra functions. Make a list of the features you are looking for and put them in order of most to least important. You may not be able to find a copier in your price range that can do it all, but if you are organized and realistic about what you need, you may be able to find one that is pretty close to perfect.


In addition to the function of the machine, you will also need to think about its size and overall appearance. Consider the space where you plan to place the new copier. Take measurements so you can choose one that won’t be too large for the area. Make sure you leave enough room around the machine so people can use it, wait in line, and pass by without any trouble.

Ink Filling Area of Color Copier

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is another crucial feature to look for in your new copier. Buying an energy efficient machine is a fantastic way to not only cut down your environmental impact but also save money on your energy bills. Try to find a copier that is Energy Star certified, is made of recycled materials, and can use organically-created toner.

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