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Tips for Choosing the Right Copier for Your Business

Person Using the Office Copier

Whether your copying documents for a meeting, providing copies to a client, or to employees, a copier is one of a business’ most important assets. The jamming or failure of a copier can have a significant negative impact on the productivity of the business. Finding the right copier for your needs and understanding how to purchase a quality copier will allow you to avoid these situations. Here are five tips for choosing the right office copier in Anchorage.

Determine the Type of Copies Needed

Different businesses may need different types of copies. For example, a business that simply provides content may only need black and white copies, while a business that will be printing charts or presentations may need color. This should be determined because the type of copier will have an impact on the price of the machine. Black and white copiers are cheaper than color copiers because they are cheaper to operate and cost less per copy. Determining whether or not you will need color printing will help you make this decision.

Determine Frequency of Printing

The frequency in which you print from the copier should be a major determining factor in the type of copier that you purchase. If several of your employees print regularly or your business otherwise requires a lot of printing, a slow machine will cause a backup, resulting in frustration and decreased productivity. A high-speed copier has the ability to print up to 100 pages per minute, allowing you to effectively print the needed materials so that business can operate smoothly throughout the day.

Consider Accessories

While older copiers simply print the necessary documents, modern machines can perform a variety of tasks that can help your business. If you’re printing several documents for different reasons, you may need to have them sorted. If you have a large office and many different people are printing, a large printer tray will ensure that you don’t end up with paper all over the floor. These aspects should be considered when you’re choosing a business printer or copier to avoid any problems. Make a list of what is needed from the copier so that when you’re shopping for one, you know what to look for.

Paper Size

The type of documents that you print will impact the size of paper that you need to print on. Basic copiers typically only allow you to print on letter-sized or legal-sized paper. While these are cheaper, you may need the ability to print on custom-sized paper. There are copiers available that will allow you to choose the size of paper on which to print, resulting in a quality finished product.

Close Up of Paper Tray for Copier

Consider Paper Weight

Different printers and copiers can handle a variety of weights of paper. This will determine how much paper you are able to place into the machine at one time. If you print frequently, you may wish to place more sheets in at one time as this will allow you to be more efficient by refill less frequently. Standard paper is usually about 10 pounds per 1000 sheets.

Most businesses require a copier in the office to handle the company’s printing needs. The right machine can increase productivity for employees. Use these tips to find the right office copier in Anchorage. If you're ready to buy the best quality office machines in Anchorage, AK, look no further than Arctic Office Products! We're here to help you with all your office needs.

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