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Top Office Gadgets and Equipment for 2019

Digital Smart Thermostat for Office

It's a new year, and so it may be time to upgrade your office's equipment for modern times. Over the years, you may have let some supplies slip, and now you're wasting time and money on inefficient or low-quality office supplies. If you're a relatively new business, then you may not have fully stocked up on everything you need to get the job done.

Every office needs the best office supplies to produce the best work, no matter which industry you're in. Here are the top office gadgets and equipment that you should consider this year, from conveniences that will improve morale to great equipment designed to ease everyday tasks. Invest in these top supplies and you'll see your efficiency and output quality increase.

Smart Thermostats

You might not think of a thermostat as a necessity, but a smart thermostat can help you drastically lower your energy bills, which saves you overhead costs and increases profits. It can also help your employees stay comfortable and focused as they work. Depending on the business you run, patrons may even be turned off by unpleasant air quality, so make sure to invest in a thermostat that can maintain comfortable temperatures throughout the workday.

Try the Nest or Ecobee thermostats, which include features like Wi-Fi enabling, motion sensors, and easy adjustment controls.

Smart Printers

Printers do more than shoot out paper nowadays. Today's multifunctional printers are all-in-one office suites that include copiers, printers, scanners, fax machines, and so much more. You can upload documents to an email account and print from anywhere in the office network. They even have third-party app integration to ease printing, scanning, and more. Smart multifunctional printers are some of the most vital office supplies because they make your everyday tasks easier, more efficient, and more reliable.

Smart Printer for Office

Motorized Desks

A motorized desk doesn't move about the office, but rather can be adjusted up and down to give you and your employees total control over their ideal sitting and standing settings. Ergonomics aren't just about style. They improve morale, increase work efficiency, and prevent employee call-outs due to back pain and other effects of working at an uncomfortable desk. Motorized desks can make your employees feel more in charge of their work stations, and they can commit more time to getting important tasks done.

Pair them with ergonomic keyboards, like the Fellowes split design, for even better comfort and quality. These keyboards have even been shown to increase work output.


Presentations are a fact of the workday, but they don't have to be as painful or slow as they were in the past. Shop in Fairbanks for office supplies like smartboards to incorporate slideshows, televisions, and computer screens in your office network, and even handwriting-enabled whiteboards for faster, smoother presentations. These are ideal for making presentations to clients, if this is part of your job. Smartboards make your business seem more forward-thinking, advanced, and financially successful, all of which add up to impressing your clientele.

So next time you need shop in Fairbanks for office supplies like these fun and useful gadgets, visit Arctic Office Products online at to browse the wide selection to suit your office's needs.

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