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Top Tips for Maintaining Office Machines

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Many people don't think about it, but business office machines are an immense investment for most businesses. If you're buying quality office machines in Anchorage, AK, here are some general tips you should follow to ensure that your equipment will last for a long time.

Don't Skimp on Maintenance

Office machines print out thousands of copies, sort thousands of letters, or store dozens of files, and do it all without breaking down. The only way that a machine can keep up with the demands we put on it is to make sure they are regularly maintained.

With any machine purchase, even wholesale office machine purchases, you should opt for the service agreement and/or warranty. If regular maintenance is part of the service agreement, you should always take advantage of whatever is scheduled to take place. The more you keep your machine in good condition the longer it will work.

Give Machines Their Own Space

Some office machines can function just about anywhere, and they will perform as you expect them to perform. However, some equipment needs to be placed in an open area with good ventilation to keep it running efficiently. Making sure there is enough space around the office equipment ensures that employees aren't bumping into it or moving stuff around that could hit and damage it. You also may want to place machines away from doors. If you have a high-quality printer, it makes sense to separate it from other office machines or regular office traffic.

Additionally, you also should make sure that any employees who use it don't eat or drink anything near it. You also don't want to place equipment near bathrooms or areas like the lunchroom or breakroom where there is easy access to water. If there’s a sink or toilet flood, that could damage your machine.

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Use Recommended Products

It may be tempting to go with a bargain basement toner that promises it'll work in your machine, but if the machine manufacturer doesn't recommend it, you probably shouldn't use it. Trying to save money by skimping on recommended supplies could hurt the efficiency of your machine. Stick with the approved products from the manufacturer even if they cost a little bit more.

Cleaning and Wiping Down Equipment

Read the user manual that comes with the equipment before cleaning it. The user manual may tell you what cleaning supplies you can and can't use for cleaning. Also, make sure you wipe down the machine often so that it doesn't accumulate dust and grime. Use microfiber cloths to wipe down computer equipment. If you can, always unplug all machines before cleaning and wiping it down. Avoid using dripping water when wiping or cleaning machines especially if it's near an outlet as you can cause an electrical shock.

Schedule Training for Employees

Receiving formal training on how to use a particular office machine may not make much sense to some employees, but it's crucial for everyone to know how to use it to avoid damage from misuse. Hang instructions near the equipment to help employees remember how to use it.

Quality office machines can be costly. Making sure they are maintained correctly and routinely is critical to ensure you get years of service from them. For more information on the best office machines in Anchorage, AK, check out Arctic Office Products.

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