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What to Know When Choosing a Copier for Your Business

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The modern office copier can be a powerful productivity tool in your workspace that gives employees access to a wide range of features. The right multi-function office copier can be a source of efficiency that will save time, reduce workload, and free employees to focus on other, more central tasks. Office copiers represent a significant investment, however, which makes selection important to businesses that want the benefits of advanced technology at the lowest possible price point.

If you’re in the market for a business copier in Fairbanks, AK, there are some important factors to consider when selecting a machine. Whether you’re electing to lease or buy, it’s important that your selection is not only driven by the copier’s features, but also by your usage, volume requirements, and the workplace habits of your employees. Once you attain a machine, you’ll likely have it for a while, so it’s imperative to ensure that you get the right copier for your business needs now and in the future. Keep reading to learn what things you should consider when selecting a copier for business.

Type of Copiers

One of the first considerations when choosing a copier is what type of printer you’ll need. This decision will be shaped by the type of printing you will do and the products you want your printer to produce. For example, if you only plan to reproduce text documents in black and white, you may only need a monochrome printer of standard resolution. If, however, you will need to reproduce photo quality images in color, you’ll need a copier with full-color capabilities that can print in extremely high definition. Take a moment to think about how you’ll use your copier, then let the function help you decide which copier makes the most sense for your business.

Copier Characteristics

Once you know what you’ll be printing and have decided whether you need a color or monochrome copier, the next thing to consider is the copier characteristics you desire. Included in copier characteristics are considerations such as the size of the copier, infrastructure requirements, printing speed, and production options. For example, if you run a small business from your home, you may not have room for a large, free-standing office copier. You may want to opt for a smaller desktop copier instead. If you will be producing low volumes of copies from the printer, then the speed of the copier may not be of much consequence. However, if you plan to pump out copies in tremendous volume, you’ll need a high-speed copier that can keep up with demand. Resolution should also be considered. If you’re just running text documents through your copier, resolution may not be important. However, if you plan to reproduce high-definition graphics, you may need a production printer to get the best quality image reproduction.

Man Using Copier

Copier Functions

The modern office copier can fulfill a myriad of functions such as copying, faxing, collating, stapling, and document storage. If all these functions can improve efficiency and increase productivity for your business, then they are well worth the extra expense. However, if the features won’t be used often in your line of work, there’s no reason to spend extra for a full-function copier that will do little more than reproduce documents without the need for extra features.


No matter what line of business you’re in, the bottom line always matters. Office copiers represent a significant financial investment no matter whether you’re leasing or purchasing. Therefore, make sure that you have a firm grasp of your budgetary guidelines before beginning your copier shopping. Your budget may help you determine which options are viable for your business.

Consider the Source

Don’t forget to consider from whom you’ll buy your office copier, since your purchase or lease will represent the beginning of a long-term relationship with the vendor. A great copier merchant shouldn’t just sell you a machine then drop out of the picture. Look for office product vendors who are invested in the success of their clients and who consider themselves collaborators in your future success. Find a company that is more concerned with your satisfaction than the sale and that considers itself an extension of your team.

If you’re in the market for an office copier, make sure that you educate yourself about copier considerations prior to making a purchase. By applying these common-sense considerations, you can determine what copier will best meet the needs of your small business. For more information on what you should know when buying a copier for business, contact Arctic Office Products at (907) 276-2322.

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