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Why Are Quality Copier Machines Important in an Office?

Quality Copiers Fairbanks-AK

Many people view printers and copiers as outdated pieces of equipment. However, these office machines are just as crucial to modern businesses as they were to companies several decades ago. Even though a copier or printer may not get as much use in the office as its ancestors, its role is no less critical. Additionally, modern upgrades help the latest models of printers and copiers better fit the needs of modern businesses and their employees. Keep reading to learn more about how your company can benefit when you buy a copier in Fairbanks, AK.

Maintain Flexibility in Information Sharing

As digitized as most of the world is, there are always a few holdouts when it comes to accepting change—and some of those holdouts might be your employees and customers. While sharing information digitally may seem like the logical option, it’s not for everyone. Without a printer or copier, you’ve painted your company into a proverbial corner in terms of information sharing. You can’t provide a contract to clients who prefer to sign things on paper. Employees who prefer paper files may struggle to use digital copies as effectively.

A good business is willing to adapt to suit its customers’ needs and provide them with the information they want in a most comfortable format. Overall, a rigid no-paper policy doesn’t benefit your company. It’s better to maintain flexibility in sharing information so that those who want physical copies of documents can still receive them. And, if any of those same people provide you with a physical document, you have a way to scan it into a digital system to minimize paper in your office.

Print and Scan Documents Faster

Let’s say you do get some physical documents. It might be a contract that you emailed to a new client but which they printed out and signed by hand. Maybe it’s a physical catalog from a supplier you’re considering or new hire documents for your new employees. How will you digitize these documents if you don’t have a scanner/copier in your office?

You could try snapping a photo with someone’s smartphone, but this doesn’t produce a quality image—and brings up potential data security issues, which we’ll discuss. Your only real option for scanning in a high-resolution image is to take all of your physical documents to a store that will allow you to scan them and email them to yourself from their machines. This means paying an employee to spend the time to drive to a location, scan the documents, and return to the office.

The same can be said if anyone ever explicitly requests a physical copy of documents from you. Do you want to save those documents to a thumb drive and pay an employee to print them at a print shop? It’s just easier and faster to have the machine on hand in your own office when you need it.

Keep Information Secure

Any time information is converted, transported, or stored; there’s a risk of information loss. It’s an unfortunate truth that applies to both digital and physical documents. And though having a printer/copier won’t eliminate these risks, having a high-quality piece of equipment minimizes this risk. As we said earlier, modern office equipment has been adapted and upgraded to meet current business needs. This includes improved security measures every time you print, copy, or scan a document. For example, modern scanners can create a digital image of a document and email it to the user. The document is encrypted in transit to protect it from data loss.

Though digital files can certainly be subject to data loss from corruption and theft, it’s still worth noting that digitizing documents using an office scanner is still much more secure than storing files in a physical format. Digital files can be backed up to remote drives and restored in the event of a ransomware attack, accidental deletion, or even a natural disaster. So having a high-quality scanner in your office makes it possible for you to quickly digitize any physical files you may receive to ensure that they stay secure.

Remove Distractions in Meetings

When discussing the benefits of an office printer, it’s essential to acknowledge that physical documents sometimes have their advantages. Studies have shown that readers retain information better when reading from a physical document than reading off a screen. For example, consider the information shared in a company meeting. Additionally, if you want all meeting participants to have a copy of their own to look at during the meeting, a printer-free office would require everyone to bring an electronic device in. It’s no secret that these devices harbor countless distractions.

If you want your employees focused on the meeting and want to improve their retention of the presented information, passing out physical copies of the presentation is better. They can participate in the meeting, make notes on the handout, and avoid the distractions of bringing in a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. But providing those handouts is a lot more challenging if you don’t have a printer in your office.

Best Office Printers Fairbanks-AK

Find a Quality Machine at Arctic Office Products

You can still benefit from having an office printer/copier, no matter how modern your business is. At Arctic Office Products, we carry quality equipment from all major office equipment brands, including Canon, Toshiba, Sharp, HP, and more. With the most efficient, modern models around, our machines are perfect for meeting the needs of a fast-paced, contemporary office like yours.

We provide affordable prices for business owners like you, with the option to either lease or buy your machine and a range of sizes and models to suit any budget. Contact us today, and we’ll help your business find the best office printer/copier in Fairbanks, AK, for your business.

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