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7 Tips for Keeping Your Office Copier Trouble Free

Office Employee Using Copier

As someone who oversees an office, you know how important your copier is to your business. Responsible for printing out copies in a flash and scanning important documents, a well-running office copier ensures your business can operate at maximum capacity. When a copier jam or larger problem occurs and is not dealt with properly, it can act as a major roadblock that results in lost business. Inevitably, you’ll experience issues with your copier at some point, but there are things you can do to prevent these issues from happening on a regular basis. While it may be necessary to buy a new copier in Anchorage if your particular issues are unfixable, you can likely restore your copier by simply showing it the attention and care it requires. Here are seven tips for keeping your office copier in tip-top shape.

Pay Attention to Paper

Your copier will thank you for putting in quality paper that has been stored properly. Cheaper paper will result in lower quality printing. The importance of placing your paper in the copier correctly cannot be understated. If the paper is crinkled or you put too much into the copier, you’ll likely experience copier issues down the road.

Educate Your Employees

Copiers can be complicated, so ensuring your employees know how to operate the one in your office is incredibly important. Teach them how to properly insert paper into the copier and operate the controls, as well as how to troubleshoot the copier if it requires maintenance. If everyone is using it properly, your copier will have a much higher chance of lasting longer.

Clean Regularly

Cleaning your copier is an easy way to keep it running smoothly. This means wiping down the exterior of the copier machine, as well as the bypass tray and slit glass. If your copier has recently experienced a jam, be sure to remove all paper scraps within the machine to prevent further damage from occurring.

Be Mindful

Think of your copier like any other appliance. When not being used, your copier should be turned off to avoid running up energy bills. This also prevents your copier from burning out quickly. When you turn on your copier in the morning, give it a second to warm up and calibrate before using it.

Buy Recommended Toners

Toners are the lifeblood of office copiers, so using the right type of toner for your particular copier is a must. Varying in their quality and viscosity, toners make quality printing and copying possible. Using an improper toner for your copier could damage it beyond repair. Check the user manual for your copier to see what type of toner is recommended.

Office Employee Scanning Documents

Know Your Copier Needs

Your office copier should adequately suit the demands of your business. A cheap copier could easily be overworked and damaged, while an overly powerful printer could be a waste of money and require maintenance if it’s underused.

Call for Help When Necessary

When in doubt, call on professionals that can get your copier machine in Anchorage up and running again. Trying to solve complicated copier issues yourself could result in further damage being inflicted. This will end up costing you more money in the long run.

If your office copier isn’t working properly or you want to learn more about properly taking care of your machine, contact Arctic Office Products!

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