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A Close Look at the Best Printer for Your Office

Woman Hold a Stack and Papers and Using Printer at Work

For many offices, having a reliable copier is essential. An all-in-one printer, scanner, and copier in Fairbanks, AK, could crucial. Of course, not all copiers are the same. There could be a specific function that you have to have, or you could be more concerned about digital security. Whatever your requirements, it's worth taking a closer look at modern office machines, so you're able to find the best printer for your office. With the right equipment, daily tasks are much easier and demand less of your time and effort.


The size of your office is one of the most important considerations. How many people use your copier? What's the average number of pages you go through in a given month? Do you need a high-quality scanner? Considering the size of your office and the basic daily usage is essential. Not all offices do an incredible amount of printing or copying, but more office staff does typically translate into greater demand.

As an example, look at the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX C3700 Series. It prints up to 30ppm, which is more than adequate for most small offices, and features a 2,300-sheet maximum capacity. This means you don't need to replace paper frequently. Cutting down on busy-work is always a plus. If you're concerned about security, it has McAfee Embedded Control to protect against malware. The scanner allows you to convert documents into searchable digital files in a variety of formats. All of the basics are covered, and security has been improved. It should easily handle even the highest volume that a small office produces. As an added bonus, the 10.1" touchscreen offers smartphone-like usability. This keeps the learning curve to a minimum, so practically anyone can use the machine without any need for assistance. When investing in a copier, the size of your office and all other key factors need to be taken into account. It'll make you much happier with the results.


Features always matter. Today, companies are switching to cloud usage and doing more work remotely. Having a printer that accommodates this is crucial if you want to tackle this sort of work. The Sharp MX-6580N and MX-7580N are built to empower cloud computing, software, and technologies as seamlessly as possible. With Sharp's Cloud Connect, you can access and use Microsoft OneDrive, SharePoint Online,, and Google Drive with ease. Keeping network traffic in mind, the Compact PDF feature dramatically reduces the file size of scanned color documents. This results in decreased network traffic and more efficient use of disk and cloud storage. If the cloud is crucial to your office, these features are huge bonuses. While this is only one example, it shows that you should look at the features carefully. You never know when a particular feature will become that one thing you simply can't live without.


It's easy to be wowed by a modern all-in-one printer with a laundry list of fantastic features, fast print speeds, and an impressive capacity but then be taken aback by the price. This is another area where it's good to think about the size of your office and the workloads that will inevitably be demanded of the machine. The cost difference between a small workgroup all-in-one copier and a light-production model is substantial. If you budget wisely, you should be able to find something that's more than capable of meeting your needs.

A Canon printer in Fairbanks, AK, could be a great investment. Contact Arctic Office Products at 907-276-2322 if you have any questions or if you would like assistance.

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