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Canon's Advanced Multi-Function Printer Is Transforming Offices

Canon’s Advanced Office Products

Multi-function machines from Canon are revolutionizing the way office documents of all kinds are processed. Gone are the days when scanning, copying, and printing were done on separate machines. Canon's advanced all-in-one printers scan, copy, print, and share using one device using simple, intuitive touchscreens. Managing documents has never been easier, more secure, or more efficient.

Arctic Office is a leading supplier of business office machines in Fairbanks, AK. We supply businesses of all sizes with high-quality, top-of-the-line Canon multi-function machines that feature technology designed to help you run your office smoothly and efficiently. Here's a brief look at what these remarkable machines can do for your organization:

Improved Efficiency Across the Board

A Canon multi-function printer (MFP) is a workhorse that improves office efficiency by every metric.

  • Time. All-in-one machines are timesavers. They remove the need to spend time transferring documents from device to device. The consolidated workstation places multiple devices in one convenient location. And Canon has mastered the intuitive machine's art; multi-function printers feature user-friendly setup procedures and easy operation. Plus, these machines are fast; they'll have you printing and copying at incredible speeds.

  • Energy. Replacing several large, old devices with one energy-efficient model reduces energy consumption.

  • Space. It's relatively obvious, but one device takes up less space than multiple devices. This is especially important for small businesses with tight space constraints, but businesses of every size appreciate a more efficient space use.

  • Money. Advanced multi-function machines from Canon have several features designed to save money, including the following:

  • High-capacity print cartridges

  • Tracking options to control costs

  • Two-sided printing and copying to save paper

  • Stapling and collating capabilities keep print jobs in-house

  • And many more!

Features, Features, and More Features

Canon's multi-function office machines are loaded with features designed to improve your workflows and simplify document management. You can look forward to the following with your new Canon MFP:

  • Touchscreen displays with easy-to-follow flows that facilitate varied functions such as naming, scanning, sorting, filing, sending, and storing documents.

  • Device platforms that are customizable for easy workflow creation

  • Generous memory for media storage

  • Enhanced functions for modifying light-density text from the original

  • Send and store tasks that enable you to share documents via email or fax and archive the image

  • Dashboard reporting

  • Advanced security options for secure scanning, copying, and printing

  • Tracking and accounting capabilities

  • Remote send options

  • Remote printing from cloud storage services

Ready to Upgrade?

If you're ready to upgrade to one of these advanced office machines from Canon, consider the following:

Know Your Needs

Know what you need the MFP to do for you and your business. How do you want to use it to help manage your documents? What volume of jobs will you run each day? How many users share the device?

Evaluate Total Cost of Ownership

The total cost of ownership goes well beyond the initial equipment price. It includes things like regular maintenance, service calls, ink/toner, and paper. In the case of all-in-one machines, savings that come from enhanced document management and improved workflows can also be considered.

Canon Multi-Function Printers

Expect Great Service

The machine is only one piece of the equation; service and customer support are also critical to your overall satisfaction with any office machine. You can trust the Arctic Office team to provide extraordinary service every step of the way; from the purchase decision to service and maintenance, our crew is committed to providing superior service.

Arctic Office and Canon

Call Artic Office today to discuss how a Canon MFP copy printer in Fairbanks, AK, can change the way your office provides and manages documents. Upgrade today!

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