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Common Types of Problems with an Office Copier

Man Using Copier

The copier is a mainstay of any office. On productive days it hums incessantly as it churns out the printed documents for filing and memos for distribution. The longer the copier runs and the harder it works, the more likely it will break down at a time when you need it.

Office copiers are complex pieces of equipment about the size and dimensions of a kitchen stove or bigger. Copiers are capable of printing out hundreds of pages per day. Over time, rollers become prone to sticking; glass needs constant cleaning and, since the copier is likely leases rather than purchased outright, a repair person is probably a phone call away.

The most common types of copier problems are familiar to any technician who’s worked on a copy machine in Anchorage. Learn to recognize these common problems to stay ahead of breakdowns that can cost your company money, time, and productivity.


An overworked copier is one problem that’s easy to notice. Your copier may be the only one in the office that is producing color and black and white documents. The more it works due to increased volume, the higher the likelihood of problems developing from overuse. You may notice frequent jams and slower printing speed. These are signs that your office copier in Anchorage is on the verge of maintenance or even replacement. Your copier provider may recommend changes to your office technology to meet your growing demand.

Poor Print Quality

Another common problem is the poor quality of the printed product. The copier may put out wrinkled pages, streaks and lines on the paper, paper with fading text, and deteriorating photo and graphics quality. The source of the problem could be as simple as a dirty copier glass or an issue with the drum or drum blade that requires a technician’s assistance. Because you want the printed product to be legible and free of imperfections, you’ll want to keep an eye out for poor print quality in your office copier.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Copier supplies like toner are often specific to the particular make and model of the machine. One of the problems technicians encounter is when people purchase the wrong black and white or color toner or ink cartridge for the office copier. The wrong supplies could cause damage to your copier and require a costly repair. It could even void your warranty for the machine, so be sure to use the right supplies.

Man Making Copies

Lack of Function

Today’s copiers are built for multitasking in the office. Most copiers are programmed with hardware designed to copy, scan, print and fax, as well as collate documents and staple documents. A common problem with copiers is when the functions fail. In situations when your copier in Anchorage fails to perform some of the functions, you’ll want to contact the technician trained to service and repair your machine.

Consider An Upgrade

The copier in your office will perform tasks for months or years with regular maintenance and servicing, but like all machines, it will experience performance problems. Keeping an eye out for common problems that affect your copier may extend its operating life, but eventually, you’ll be due for an upgrade in technology. Until then, watch for the problems that can affect the performance of your office copier.

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