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Essential Features to Look for in a Business Copy Machine

Business Copy Machine

Copiers are one of the largest investments you’ll make in order to keep your office going. No matter what type of office you work in, it’s important that you find the best copy machine to suit the needs of the business. If your office is a small space and doesn’t require anything too large, or you’re investing in several copiers for a larger office, be sure to check if the machine has these specific features before making the purchase.

Copy and Print Speed

When you’re looking to buy a copy machine in Anchorage, AK, you want to make sure it can handle the volume your office output. For instance, if your team only needs to print a few pages at a time, an output of 20-40 pages a minute will suffice. However, if you have to print hundreds of pages at a time, it would be ideal to have a copier with an output of 60 pages per minute. If you’re unsure of how many pages you’ll be printing, you can also consider how many users the copier will have. The more users in the office, the more likely it’ll require higher copy and print speed.

Black and White vs. Color

Consider your budget and required uses of the copier when comparing different makes and models. If you don’t plan on using the copy machine to create marketing materials and print images in full color, you can save money by purchasing a copier that only uses black ink. You want to keep in mind that if you’re in need of scanning abilities, you may want something that includes color options.

Paper Capacity

In any busy office, no one wants to be the person who has to refill the paper trays. Before choosing a copier, be sure that the paper drawers have a large enough capacity for your office’s regular use. These drawers can range in size from 500 sheets all the way up to 3,000 sheets or more. In addition, you also have multiple drawers, sizes, and shape options to consider.

Multifunction Product Options

Multi-use copiers are becoming more and more common in offices. In addition to traditional copying features, these machines may also have scanning, printing, and faxing abilities. Additional functionality in your copier will allow you to save money and avoid purchasing additional equipment and wasting precious office space. The benefits of a multi-purpose machine include allowing multiple departments to all use the same machine to suit their needs, instead of having different machines for each.

Office Copy Machine

Wireless Printing

Almost every copier today has wireless printing capabilities, which provide the option to print documents remotely. In order for this functionality to work properly, make sure the copier is set up with your network to authenticate users to allow them access to the printer. Wireless printing is pivotal in increasing the office’s productivity. In addition to standard wireless printing and the additional option to create accounts for individual users, wireless printing is pivotal in increasing the office’s productivity.

Consider the many benefits of the variety of features today’s copiers have. When you’re ready to choose the right copy machine in Anchorage, AK, contact Arctic Office Products for superior customer service. Invest in your business with the highest-quality copier machines available.

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