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How Multifunction Copiers Are the Right Way to Streamline Workflow

On-going Converting Process

Copying documents has long been an essential part of a business and still is today. Most companies require different employees in different departments to have the same information. However, modern technology changes the way in which businesses copy and print, making it easier and more efficient to copy and access documents. Multifunction copiers give companies a more efficient way of doing business. Here are a few ways that multifunction copiers are used to streamline the workflow of a business.

Indexing Documents

In all likelihood, your business will have dozens of digital documents. These documents likely include employee documentation, client contracts, and work completed. All of these documents are necessary to store and may be needed at some point in the future. Multifunction copiers allow you to populate metadata fields as you scan the documents so that you can quickly and efficiently index them. The result is that you won’t have to spend time searching for them to index or accessing them in the future. If you need to edit these fields at a later date, you can do so to ensure everything is easily accessible.

Converting Documents to PDF

Any documentation a business produces will need to be kept long-term and archived so it can be referenced at a later date. When you’ve finished with a document, you may need to put it into a PDF for long-term storage and archival. In order to convert documents copied by a traditional copier to PDF, you’ll have to make the change on your computer and then print and copy the document. Modern multifunction copiers allow you to quickly scan the document to a PDF, saving an unnecessary and time-consuming step. This is especially helpful if the business commonly archives documents as the time it takes with a traditional copier can add up.


One of the big advantages of a multifunction copier is that you can save documents to the machine that you might use regularly. The problem is that you don’t want to provide access to just anyone. Business documentation is confidential because it can be detrimental to a company if it gets into the wrong hands. Modern multifunction copiers have security features that require users to enter authentication details, such as a password, or swipe an employee ID. This will ensure that any confidential documentation or information on the machine will only be accessed by those you want to see it.

Girl Using Multifunction Copier


While the requirement to enter authentication is a security measure, it is also used to personalize the experience of the user. Depending on the person using the machine, there may be documents that they copy or print much more frequently than others. Once your credentials have been recognized, users can quickly access favorites, workspaces, or bookmarks so that they can quickly access what is needed. This allows your employees to spend less time at the copier and more time on their actual work.

There are a number of ways in which a multifunction copier will streamline your workflow. With the use of this machine, you can save the time it takes to copy, scan, or print with a traditional printer and ensure the security of your documentation. Visit Arctic Office Products if you’re looking to buy a copier in Fairbanks to streamline your business’s workflow.

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