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How to Know When Your Office Needs a Printer Replacement

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Printers don’t last forever. Even the highest quality printers will eventually reach their maximum productive life. When the printer completely stops working, that’s an obvious sign that it’s time to head to Arctic Office to check out the latest Canon printer machines in Anchorage, AK. But are there other indications that it’s time for an upgrade? Don’t wait until a broken, inadequate printer leaves you stranded. Watch for the following clues that a new printer is in order:

Costs are Rising

Printers cost money to run. Regular repair bills and service calls are, of course, a clear red flag. But so are rising printing costs. If ink or toner costs are making a significant impact on your bottom line, visit Arctic Office to discuss how new printer technologies can help you manage these operating expenses more effectively. We’ll examine your printing needs and develop cost-effective solutions that will improve your productivity and your bottom line.

Productivity is Declining

Printers should only ever improve workflows. Whenever the printer is repeatedly an impediment to productivity, it’s a sure sign that a new printing solution is needed. You might see issues such as the following:

  • Longer print queues

  • More frequent paper jams

  • Employees milling around the machine waiting for slow jobs to complete

  • Rising frustrations surrounding the lack of advanced capabilities

When your printer can’t manage the workload, isn’t equipped with the features you want, or simply is functioning inefficiently, look to an upgrade to solve these problems.

Needs are Changing

Things change. The printer that met your business needs last year may not meet your needs today. It makes no sense to hang on to a piece of equipment that costs money to operate and doesn’t do what you need it to do. Has your staff and demands on your printer grown? Are you shifting to more color printing needs? Is security becoming an issue? Has the configuration of your space changed and freed up more room for a larger printer or maybe even created a need for multiple printers? As your business needs evolve, so should your printer. The office machine experts at Arctic Office can help you assess your changing needs and find a printer that will work well for you today and tomorrow to move your business forward.

Security is Lacking

Printers handle lots of sensitive information. It used to be that the only way to keep that information secure was to stand right beside the printer during the print job, but this is simply not the case any longer. The network and physical vulnerabilities posed by printers are significant. In fact, HP estimates the following:

  • Fewer than 2% of business printers are secure

  • Printers are 68% more likely today than in 2016 to be the source of an external threat and 118% more likely to be the source of an internal threat.

  • Hackers with access to a printer can send unauthorized jobs and gain access to sensitive information.

Protecting your business requires protecting your printer. Today’s printers have firmware that detects security threats, encryption capabilities to protect your data, and sign-in options like PINs and smartcards to manage access to documents. If your printer can’t protect you, come in today to find one that can.

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Don’t Wait

The bottom line is this: don’t wait to replace your printer. Every day you procrastinate costs you valuable time, money, and productivity. A new printer will streamline your workflows and boost your bottom line.

Still not sure? Visit Arctic Office to discuss your options. Our selection of small office printers in Anchorage, AK, is unmatched in the area. We have the expertise and product knowledge you need to select a printer that fits your business. For a great selection, low prices, and outstanding customer support and service, trust Arctic Office. Come on in to find your new business printer today.

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