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Importance of Multifunctional Printers

Multifunctional Office Printers

Printers still play an essential role in modern office spaces. Thanks to technological developments, however, today’s printers are very different from the ones you would have seen in offices a few decades ago. One of the most critical developments in this area was the creation of the multifunction printer, or MFP. What makes MFPs the best office printer in Fairbanks, AK, and why are they crucial for modern businesses? Keep reading to find out.

Save Some Office Space

The cost of buying or renting a commercial space has skyrocketed, and you want to ensure that you’re getting the most use out of every square inch of that office space. Multifunction printers, as the name implies, serve several different functions—primarily printing, copying, and scanning, with the possible addition of faxing and other functions. This means that one machine can perform several jobs, and you can have a single piece of equipment in the office, rather than dedicating an entire room to separate machines for each job.

By reducing the amount of space you have to dedicate to your printing equipment, you’re giving yourself more space for employees’ desks, conference rooms, and other functions that are essential to your business. You’ll be able to stay in a smaller office space for longer, reducing your overhead costs and increasing your business’s profits, simply by choosing the right machine.

Save Money on Purchasing Equipment

Of course, those separate machines don’t just take up space; they also cost money. While it’s true that a multifunction printer will be more expensive than any of those other devices on their own, when you add up the cost of purchasing each item individually, you’ll likely find that buying a multifunction device is much cheaper.

This is especially true if you don’t use the other functions very often. For example, faxing is no longer as common in office spaces as it once was; however, you’ll still sometimes find the occasional client who wants to send or receive a fax. It’s probably not worth it to you to purchase a fax machine to use just a few times a year. When that function is built into a multifunctional device, on the other hand, it’s available to you when you need it without you having to buy a machine exclusively for that purpose.

Save Money on Power

All that machinery can use up a significant amount of power when it’s all plugged in simultaneously. Even when the machines are idling and not being actively used, they’ll still be draining a small amount of power from the outlet. This is known as an “energy vampire,” and that steady trickle of electricity to all of your machines will be reflected in your office’s power bill. Having a single multifunction printer is much more energy efficient than plugging in 4 different machines—just another way that an MFP can save your business money.

Save Money on Maintenance

Every piece of equipment in your office is going to require maintenance. The more equipment you have, the higher your maintenance costs will be for your office. Having a single MFP instead of several different machines means that you only have to worry about having one machine serviced at regular intervals, instead of trying to coordinate maintenance schedules for your printer, scanner, copier, and fax machine all at the same time.

It’s Convenient for Everyone

While you can’t put a price on convenience, it’s a benefit that can’t be ignored. When hooking up several different office machines, you’ll need to connect each one to every computer in the office, and every time a computer is added to the office (such as when you set up a new employee), you’ll need to make sure the new computer is connected to each machine as well. This takes a lot more time than connecting a single device that can perform all these functions, making MFPs far more convenient for your IT guys.

Of course, it’s also more convenient when using the device. All of your document-based functions are combined into a single machine, making it easy to print, scan, copy, fax, or any combination of those functions, all at one machine. You can even position your MFP more conveniently; a single machine can easily be fit into the office’s layout so that it’s centrally located for everyone to use, rather than trying to fit all of your machines into a single print room, or spreading them out to different parts of the office wherever you can find space.

Additionally, those simple daily maintenance tasks that someone in your office has to do—replacing paper and toner/ink, cleaning the machine, and so on—only have to be done once, instead of on several different machines in the print room. Overall, an MFP is easier on everyone involved in their installation, maintenance, and use.

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Find an MFP for Your Business

Most business printers will now serve multiple functions; however, there are still many different options available to you, and you must choose the right features and functions for your office. The fact is that it’s quite difficult these days to find standalone devices that are appropriately sized for an office setting. You can explore additional functionalities with these machines, like print binding, multipage scanning, optical character recognition, and more. By choosing the right options, you’ll find that an MFP can meet even more of your print needs than you imagined.

At Arctic Office Products, we specialize in finding the right equipment for every business. If you’re looking to buy a printer in Fairbanks, AK, contact Arctic Office Products today, or feel free to stop by our location to view a few of our models. Our team will happily help you find the right MFP for your company.

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