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Reasons Your Business Needs a Multifunction Printer

Office printer with touchscreen display

If you own or run your own business, you want to be sure that everything in the office is as advanced as possible. Whether that means updating your server, computers, or phone system, any changes that can be made to increase your business's efficiency can make all the difference in whether you're operating at a profit or a loss. Nowhere is this truer than with your office's printers. If you're ready to move off of your standard office printer, here are some reasons a multifunction printer is the way to go.

Increased Efficiency

That word "efficiency" is thrown around a lot in business. However, any time you can move your office's printing, faxing, copying, and scanning to one machine, you're significantly increasing the speed with which everything operates. Furthermore, traditional desk printers are not as advanced as multifunction printers, and are unlikely to print as quickly, so even the simple process of printing documents is upgraded.


Multifunction printers have the added advantage of turning anything into a digital document. Instead of needlessly searching for printed documents, your employees have the ability to search via the printer's database, so no documents are ever lost. Also, because so many functions are run through the same machine, you'll be able to retrieve anything that's been printed, scanned, faxed, or copied. This also makes documents easier to share with fellow office workers, as well those outside the office.

Office worker using screen and keyboard on printer

Save Money and Space

Shifting all your office machine functions to a single machine located in one location centralizes your office's function. Not only can you save money by concentrating all your office work into one machine, but you can clear up a lot of room for other uses. Shop for wholesale office machines in Anchorage, AK, to get an idea how a multifunction printer can make a difference in your office.

Improved Security

Since they can digitize otherwise unsecured documents, multifunction printers share many capabilities with regular computers. For instance, they have the same built-in security features as computers, and they make upgrades and fix bugs over the internet. Also, they give you the ability to set permissions similar to computers, allowing every person in the office to be able to secure their documents with their own passwords and even protect their printed materials with secured pull printing, so sensitive documents can be protected while in their output tray.

Easy to Use

Although highly sophisticated pieces of equipment, multifunction printers are designed with the user in mind. With displays that are more like brightly colored touchscreen tablets than the black-and-white screens of old, options can be easily searched and executed with limited training. Not only is it easier to do more work more quickly, but a tremendous amount of time is saved by rendering training and the reading of manuals almost totally unnecessary.

When you have the opportunity to dramatically modernize your office with the purchase of a single piece of equipment, the best thing you can do is go for it. If you're ready to shop for a multifunction office printer in Anchorage, contact the experts at Arctic Office Products today!

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