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Reasons Your Business Still Needs Office Printers

Office Printer

Do you still need a printer? Technologies such as email, digitization, and cloud computing have certainly reduced much of the paper consumed by offices, but is 100% paperless a wise or reasonable option? In reality, probably not. The following are five reasons your office still needs a printer.

  1. Not Everyone is Paperless. Sure, you’ve embraced the paperless lifestyle, but not everyone else is on the same page. Your business needs to be inclusive, even to customers and vendors that still like paper. While the number of paper-loving clients you deal with may be shrinking, this number likely hasn’t gone to zero. Whyever would you consider losing a valuable customer when a simple printout is all it would take to keep them on board?

  2. Hard Copies Will Always Survive a Network Crash. Technology is fantastic, and there’s no way to measure the many ways modern tech has improved business, but that doesn’t mean that it’s without its drawbacks. Technology issues have left all of us scrambling at some point to recover valuable information. Hard copies of important, irreplaceable information secured in a safe place are an essential insurance policy against the inevitable tech issues in your future.

  3. Some Things Are Just Better on Paper. Paper has value. Since it’s something you can feel and touch, it provides greater engagement than digital alternatives. There’s no substitute for carefully handwritten, highlighted notes; it’s much easier to retain information and stay engaged when paper is involved. Reading long passages of text online tires the eyes and leads to skimming and skipping, which increases the likelihood of errors and miscommunication. And don’t forget that personalized, printed messages to your valued customers sent via US Mail communicate a greater level of connection than emails ever will. Some things are better on paper.

  4. Paper is Cheap. Paperless solutions are expensive. Going paperless requires costly software and storage technology solutions that are often just not cost-effective for small businesses. Paper is inexpensive, readily available, and easy to store. And, not only is paper cheap, but printers are not that expensive either, especially compared to many paperless systems. Arctic Office has a wide range of the best printers for business in Fairbanks, AK, so you can find one that fits your needs and your budget.

  5. Print and Digital Work Well Together. Print and digital aren’t mutually exclusive, using both works to create an efficient work flow. Some types of data naturally lend themselves to one or the other. Having both available in your office gives you the flexibility to use whichever is most straightforward and makes the most sense in any given situation. Delivering a signed document to a partner is a breeze when you can print a digital document, get the signature, and then scan, email, or fax the signed copy along. Having access to print and paper technologies in your office lets you seamlessly convert back and forth between the two as needed.

Office Printer Paper

Get Yourself a New Printer

The digital age is here to stay, but so is paper. Paper is convenient, inexpensive, flexible, and personal in ways digital solutions can never match. As a result, it’s still important to keep a high-quality printer and a ream of office paper close at hand. Arctic Office has all the options for business printers in Fairbanks, AK. You need to keep your office paper friendly. We have the finest selection of Canon printers in the region, and our team of printer experts is always available to answer all your office machine questions.

For exceptional wholesale office printer solutions, turn to Arctic Office.

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