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Tips to Avoid Excess Printing in Office

Office Printing Machine Fairbanks AK

Printers, copiers, and paper aren’t going anywhere. Despite our best efforts, printed copies of documents still remain important in most offices across the country. At Arctic Office, we understand the importance of a high-functioning office copier machine in Fairbanks, AK. We take pride in offering our customers a wide selection of the finest printers and copiers available on the market today, but we also understand that excessive printing and copying is expensive. Keeping your office supplied with paper, ink, and toner isn’t cheap. We want you to have the best machines, and we want you to use them as efficiently and effectively as possible. The following are our five best tips for keeping your printing and copying costs to a minimum:

Keep Track

If you’re serious about cutting back on your printing and copying costs, the first step is to monitor your current usage. This one action alone has been shown to reduce volumes by up to 10% without actually changing a thing. Many of today’s advanced copiers and printers come equipped with monitoring software that tracks who is printing and where. Talk to our team about usage monitoring tools that can help you understand what’s being printed in your office.

Be Stingy with Color

A standard color document costs about four times as much as black and white. Sure, the color looks great, but to save money, it should only be used when necessary. So what’s the definition of necessary? Some organizations allow color usage only on documents that are going to customers or clients. You’ll need to make this decision for your organization, but our best tip is to set clear guidelines about when color can be used and then set all printers and copiers to default to black and white printing.

Go Digital

Paper isn’t going away, but new technologies can really help cut down on your paper usage. For example, multifunction printers with PC capabilities allow users to fax directly from their computers without needing to produce a hard copy. In addition, high-quality scanners, flexible sharing technologies, and advanced security features make moving documents around your office without paper fast, efficient, and effortless.

Be Smart About Supplies

Running to the office supply store to buy one toner cartridge because you need to print something now is an expensive way to keep your printer running. It’s far more efficient and less expensive to take a proactive approach to keep your printers and copiers supplied with ink and toner. Printer monitoring software will alert you when toner or ink levels drop so you can order well before you run out. The team at Arctic Office can also help you stay ahead of the game. Talk to our team about how we can help you save money on supplies, including toner and paper.

Talk About It

If you want your company to conserve printing and copying resources, you’re going to need to make conservation efforts a regular part of conversations around the office. Post signs near copiers and printers with tips about how to save resources. Remind employees to avoid printing long documents. Encourage your crew to ask themselves regularly if they really need a hard copy. Offer rigorous and regular training on how to share documents over the network and the cloud. Ask your employees for their ideas about ways to save resources. And ask the experts at Arctic Office.

Office Copying Machine Fairbanks Ak

Print Less, Print Better

At Arctic Office, we help our customers both print better and print less. A new Canon copier printer in Fairbanks, AK, might be just the device you need to help your office be more efficient and conserve resources. Come visit us today.

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