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Useful Tips for Choosing the Best Office Machines

Office Employees Waiting to Use Copier Machine

Choosing office machines is a fun experience, but you also want it to help you with your core business. The flashiest is not always the best, and cheapest is not always the smartest. Here are some basic tips to help you choose the best office machines in Anchorage, AK.

Get Quotes

Do not go with the first business you come across or with just one salesperson when choosing an office machine. Whether it is a copier or network equipment, a computer or some administrative tool, shop around, get quotes, see a demonstration, and choose from an informed point of view.

Maximize the Warranty

Quality office machines will generally come with a service agreement, a warranty, or both. Take advantage of both if they are offered. You never know when a machine will quit on you or need maintenance. Having the service agreement and warranty helps ensure that even if you bought the latest office machine available, if it turns out to be a dud, you are not left with an overpriced anchor.

Examine the Cost of Operation

The cost of operation for a machine is the total expenditure you make every time you use it. It includes electricity, manpower, materials, and the total cost of the machine just to get it in your door. Look at those costs and compare among products. You may be surprised at the hidden costs or what is affordable.

Man Uses Printer

Compare Against Quality

After you establish your base cost of operation, compare the cost against the reputation for quality that the office machine in question possesses. This might make an inexpensive machine not worth it or justify purchasing a more expensive machine.

Look at Maintenance Costs

Ask the sales representative what the scheduled preventative maintenance routine is for the machine in question, and get a sense for how frequently it has to be done. Find out if the machine has to be offline while it is being maintained.

Go Ergonomic if Possible

Ergonomic office products and machines help your employees do their jobs more safely and productively. Comfort is important, especially when doing repetitive tasks. A given machine should have minimal to no aspects that create discomfort or injury for those who use it. Ergonomic choices will make your employees happy and will keep your overall costs down.

Consider the Environment

Does your office like to go green? If so, choosing a product that is environmentally friendly does not hurt. There are many eco-friendly office machines being developed today that promote environmental conservation and wellness.

Get a Demo

All equipment you are considering should be demonstrated by a sales representative to you before you agree to anything. Insist they run the machine in real time and, if possible, try and work out an agreement where they leave it with you for a few days to test it out. That way, you will know before you buy if a machine can truly help your business.

Picking office machines can be educational, fun, and even exciting (OK, that might be pushing it a bit). But if you follow these tips, you will end up with a product that your entire office will love. Check out Arctic Office for more information on the latest office machines.

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