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Why You Need a Commercial Copier for Your Business

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Paper documents are becoming less and less uncommon in our everyday lives. Utility bills and bank statements can be sent electronically. Contracts can be securely signed online. Even newspapers and books can be accessed and read digitally. With so much of what used to be in print now transitioning to digital format, many business owners feel that they can do without a copy machine altogether. However, even though paper may not be as prominent in our lives as it once was, the truth is that it still remains a part of doing business, and most companies will still need to buy a copier in Fairbanks, AK, to operate in today's world. Keep reading to learn five reasons why your business still needs a copy machine.

Meeting Client Needs

The first and most important reason that any business needs a copier is to ensure they're meeting all of their clients' needs. Not all of your customers are going to opt for digital invoices; many still prefer receiving a paper invoice in the mail or signing a physical copy of their contract. This is still a very common preference among senior citizens, who might not know how to access digital invoices or use online document signing tools. Suppose you don't have a printer in your office. In that case, you won't be able to meet the needs of customers like these, and those individuals might decide to look for another business that can provide them with documents in the format they're most comfortable with.

Digitizing Paper Documents

While it might sound counterintuitive, having a copy machine in your office can help you maintain a paperless (or mostly paperless) office space. As we just stated, some customers are going to prefer physical documents. This preference might also mean that they provide you with paper documents related to their account.

For example, you might send a digital contract to a new client, only to have them print it, sign it, and mail it back to you. You now have a signed physical contract and no method for storing it, along with the digital documents you have for that client. With a copy machine, you can scan that document and add it to the client's digital file, helping to keep all of their documents in one location and appropriately organized.

As much as you might want to go completely paperless, the odds are high that you will still receive some paper documents from customers and suppliers. The best way to avoid accumulating unorganized paper documents is to have the ability to digitize them—and that means having a multifunction office printer.

Increasing Office Productivity

Now, you might be thinking, "Can't I just get by with a basic desktop printer instead?" While this type of copier will certainly be able to perform the basic print, copy, and scan functions that a commercial copy machine can provide, it lacks the speed and power of a commercial model. Desktop printers often take several minutes to even power on, are slow at receiving and processing print jobs (especially via a wireless connection), and print much more slowly than commercial models.

This all means that if your printer is getting any sort of consistent usage, you will end up with a backup of print and copy jobs on your device. Employees will be left standing around and waiting for their print job to process, which means wasted time and money for your business. Though a commercial model does cost more than a desktop printer, the increased productivity in your office is worth it.

Creating Marketing Materials

With a high-quality business printer in your office, you open up the opportunity to create your own marketing materials. An office machine can print crisp images and quality prints that you can proudly mail out to potential customers or put on display at a convention. Whether it's a flyer, brochure, booklet, or other promotional materials, being able to print them yourself can save you from having to pay a print shop to create the marketing materials for you. This can further help to offset the costs of purchasing a commercial copy machine.

Giving Employees Flexibility

Like your customers, not all of your employees will like working exclusively with digital documentation. There will be certain instances in which they'll be more comfortable working with paper instead of a screen.

For example, perhaps you're introducing a new product, and your team needs to learn all about the product's features and functions so that they can appropriately sell it to customers. While some members of your sales team might do just fine reviewing the product specifications on a screen, other people might retain more information by reading the information on a piece of paper, where they can highlight important parts and make notes on the sheet. Or, they may want to print out the spec sheet to hang up beside their desk as a quick reference point when speaking to a potential customer.

Having a printer in the office gives your employees the flexibility to work with and review materials in the way that is best suited to them, their learning styles, and their unique needs. This seemingly simple ability can make them more productive too, which is always good for business.

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Find a Copier for Your Business

If your business doesn't have a copier, or if you're relying on desktop models that are better suited to a home office, contact Arctic Office Products today or stop by our showroom. We carry a wide variety of multifunction business machines, and our team can help you find the best office printer/copier in Fairbanks, AK, for your business's unique needs. We'll work with you to find a machine that can make your business more productive and more effective, whatever your business's size or industry, whatever functions you need, and whatever your budget might be. Call or stop by our location today!

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