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3 Habits That Are Making Your Office Messy

Messy piles of documents

A messy workplace is more than just an eyesore; it can actually directly contribute to reduced productivity and low employee morale. If you feel like you’re constantly fighting messes in your office, you may be dealing with more than just a few untidy employees. Here are some managerial habits that could be directly contributing to a messy workplace.

Sticking with Physical Documents

Some people have a hard time letting go of old habits. In the workplace, one of the most commonly held outdated habits is relying on paper for all of your documentation. In addition to being a drain on your company’s finances (think about how much you’re spending on ink and paper already) and on the environment, relying on physical documents in your workplace can also contribute to a messy office.

Stacks of untidy papers on every desk, disorganized filing cabinets, and overflowing waste bins are far from things you’d see in a neat and clean workplace. Instead of printing out every important document that comes to you, consider switching to a paperless filing system. This allows employees to access documents digitally, rather than printing out multiple copies for everyone that needs to view the document, and it eliminates a ton of clutter in your office.

Not Encouraging Ownership of Space

Some business owners and managers fail to remind their employees that their workspace’s cleanliness is their responsibility. They allow employees to get lax in the tidiness of their personal areas, which is a habit that can quickly get out of control. While you likely have a cleaning company that tidies up your office at night, it isn’t their responsibility to organize your employees’ personal items and files.

Encourage all of your employees to take ownership of their own spaces and to keep those areas clean. Provide them with the necessary janitorial supplies in Anchorage, Alaska, to clean and disinfect their desks. Additionally, be sure to have janitorial supplies accessible in the breakroom, and encourage employees to take responsibility for maintaining the cleanliness of that area as well. After all, they are grown adults; they shouldn’t expect someone to always be cleaning up after them.

Office storage space

Not Utilizing Storage Space

Most offices have a storage room or closet where old documents, unused equipment, and other rarely accessed items are stored. However, not every office manager or business owner is great about making proper use of that storage space. Make it a habit to ask employees once a quarter what they have in their departments that can be put into storage. Ask them to box up old documents and tag unused furniture or equipment that can be moved to storage in order to free up working space and keep things organized.

Obviously, this also means going through your storage room once a quarter to assess what needs to remain in that room and what can be thrown out. Don’t let your storage space become a hoarding closet of unnecessary items. Clear out anything that hasn’t been used in over a year, with the exception of documents and other items you legally need to hold onto for longer.

If you can break these three habits, you’re likely to find that your office will become a much more organized, much cleaner space to work. Switch to a paperless office, encourage employees to keep their computer desk in Fairbanks and other areas tidy, and utilize that storage space for a neat and productive workplace.

If you’re in need of supplies and furniture to help keep your office organized, including shredders to dispose of unneeded documents or filing systems to keep them in order, contact Arctic Office Products.

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