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Consider These Aspects Before Buying A Copier for Your Home Office

Office Copier Fairbanks AK

Every home office needs a copier. Even if your desire is to be paperless, you’re going to need to run the occasional copy. Unless you have significant copying needs, a multifunction printer with copying capabilities will likely suit you just fine. These copier/printer devices are getting more technical and less expensive over time, and they are still much more cost-effective and convenient than visiting a copy shop.

Before you buy a copier machine in Fairbanks, AK, consider the following:

Inkjet versus Laser

There are a number of different reasons to choose one technology over the other. The team at Arctic Office is ready to review the differences with you in as much detail as you’d like. In general terms, though, for high-speed document printing, laser is the way to go. For high-quality color graphics or photos, inkjets are the answer.


The cost of the device is just one facet of ownership costs, and it’s often not the most significant consideration. Ink/toner costs will outrun device costs in less than a year, especially if you are using the device heavily. This means that the bargain printer is usually not quite the bargain you’re hoping for in the long run. Ink and toner costs can really run up over time. Our team at Arctic Office will help you run the numbers on your different choice to estimate PPP (price per page), so you can find a model that will keep up with your demands without running your bank account dry.


Most home office printers/copiers aren’t designed for heavy use. Each unit will have a recommended usage from the manufacturer that will indicate the pages per monthly duty cycle. This, plus the number of pages that can be printed from a particular ink or toner cartridge, will give you an idea of the volume the unit was designed to handle. Note: For many small home businesses, it’s often more cost-effective to turn to a local copy shop for occasional high-volume jobs than it is to invest in a mammoth printer/copier or to try to run these kinds of jobs with a less expensive printer. Purchasing a standard printer for everyday use and outsourcing large print needs is a good and reasonable compromise.


The ability to print on both sides saves paper, thus saving money. Not all machines will do this, so be sure to ask.


Today’s printers can connect using wired or Wi-Fi networks. Wi-Fi capabilities make printing from multiple devices in varied locations possible, but these connections are only as stable as the wireless network, and security can be a challenge. Direct USB connections are safe, secure, and stable but limit printing to physically connected devices.


Examine your copying and printing media needs. Do you require varying paper sizes? Do you print different paperweights such as transparencies or card stock? Do you need the convenience of a sheet feeder?

Tray Sizes

Constantly refilling the paper tray is a waste of time and energy. Look for a model with a generous paper tray that won’t require your constant attention.

Office Printing Machine Fairbanks AK


Look at two things here: warm-up times and print times. If you only use your printer occasionally, but it takes several minutes to warm up after sitting idle, you’ll go crazy. Talk to the team at Arctic Office about both print speeds and warm-up times.

Trust Arctic Office

Come visit us at Arctic Office today. We have an outstanding selection of Canon copiers/printers in Fairbanks, AK. We have the products you want at the prices you need to keep your home office running smoothly.

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