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Reasons to Invest In A Multifunction Printer for Your Business

Canon Printer Fairbanks AK

Having a powerful, versatile multi-function printer can be a fantastic resource for any business. The ability to produce high-quality documents quickly saves time and money and helps move your business forward. If you’re considering a multi-function Canon office machine in Fairbanks, AK, for your business, here are 12 reasons why the experts at Arctic Office think that’s the right decision:

1. Save Time

Jumping from one machine to another to get all your tasks completed wastes valuable time. Get everything done in one place with a multi-function printer.

2. Save Money

One machine, even one pretty souped-up machine, may be less expensive than multiple machines. Maintenance is also cheaper and more efficient. You only need one kind of toner or ink cartridge, one maintenance plan, and one set of instructions to keep everything up and running. Energy costs to operate are also lower with a single machine when compared with multiple devices.

3. Save Space

One machine takes up less space than a bunch of smaller devices. For small businesses especially, this benefit is enormous.

4. Simplify Maintenance

One machine requires one set of driver updates, one kind of replacement cartridges, and one service call. There’s no need to shop for and store multiple consumables; one set is all you need.

5. Flexible Printing

Wi-Fi printing allows users to access the machine from phones, cameras, tablets, and computers. This capability gives most users access to the printer.

6. Broad Range of Features

Multi-function printers are available with a wide variety of features. You can go simple or high-tech; whichever you need, you can be sure there’s a model that’s right for you.

7. Energy Savings

One wireless printer saves money on energy bills when compared to powering multiple machines. Also, many modern wireless printers come equipped with eco-printing modes that also cut energy costs significantly.

8. Shallower Learning Curve

While a multi-function machine might initially require more training to operate, once the system is learned, that’s the only system your users need to know. Rather than deciphering the fax, the copier, the printer, and the scanner, your team only needs to master one operating system.

9. No Wires

While “wireless” is in the name, it’s worth reiterating that wireless printers don’t need wires. Workstations are free from tangled cords, and wireless multi-function machines can be set up anywhere they are required and moved when necessary without the hassle of complicated cable connections.

10. Easy Setup

Wireless multi-function devices are much easier to set up than traditional printers. Not only are they free from cable connections, but they also do not require the setup of printer drivers on various devices. All that’s needed is a connection to the router. Once the printer and the router are connected, printing can begin. It’s that simple.

11. Portability

Wireless printers are flexible and portable. Users can access the device from any location and any device as long as they are connected to the same wireless router. However, smaller multi-function machines can also be moved, easily connected to new wireless networks, and accessed from additional devices.

12. Maximum Value

Dollar for dollar, multi-function printers provide the most significant value for business owners.

Canon Copier Fairbanks AK

Get Yours Today

Come into Arctic Office or visit us online to learn about multi-function Canon printer machines in Fairbanks, AK. We have a wide selection of machines at a variety of price points. Our team of office machine experts is on hand to assist you as you evaluate your needs and select a device that’s right for your business. It’s time to upgrade your office with a multi-function machine. Shop Arctic Office today!

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