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Tips To prevent Copier Maintenance Issues

Suitable Office Machines

Almost nothing is as frustrating in your office as copy machine troubles. Copying needs to be an effortless task; when the copier is down, jamming, or generally on the fritz, the workflow is interrupted, and tensions run high. Your best strategy is prevention. Here are five tips to help you keep your copier, and your office, running smoothly:

Start with the Right Equipment

Getting a good deal is not the most important consideration; a bargain copier quickly ceases to be a bargain when it doesn't perform reliably. Arctic Office has a wide selection of business office machines in Anchorage, AK, including copiers. We'll help you select the suitable machine for your office. Our experts will help you analyze your copy needs. We'll consider factors such as copy quality, capacity, speed, and security to make sure your new machine is a good fit.

Eliminate (Or At Least Mitigate) User Errors

The truth is that, if you have good equipment, copier problems are mainly caused by user errors. Most of us assume a copy machine is intuitive to operate. The good news is that many of them are; nevertheless, it's wise also to assume that folks will need a bit of help.

  • Take advantage of the training offered by Arctic Office. Our team is anxious to ensure everyone in your office knows how to operate and troubleshoot the copier.

  • Use signs generously. Post signs near the machine with simple operating instructions as well as common troubleshooting steps.

  • Minimize access to the machine. It's not always wise to allow customers or guests access to complex copiers. Limit access to these machines to decrease the chances of misuse.

Schedule Maintenance

Copy machines need maintenance to stay healthy. Service contracts and regular checks ensure that your copier is performing to the best of its ability. While you might be tempted to skip the cost of a service contract, think again. Copier service agreements significantly reduce downtimes and repair costs. Talk to the team at Arctic Office for more information about the benefits of routine copier maintenance.

Use the Right Ink/Toner and Paper

Don't buy cheap ink, toner, or paper. We know it's so tempting to cut corners, especially if money is tight, but this choice will always come back to haunt you. Use the toner and ink cartridges recommended by the manufacturer. These products have been tested to work with your machine and give the best, most reliable performance. Purchase good quality paper and never mix multiple paper types in the same tray.

Keep Things Clean

In addition to regular maintenance, keep your copier clean. Wipe down the glass and feed trays to remove fingerprints and dust. Use compressed air inside and out to remove debris that can impact your copies' quality and potentially cause the machine to malfunction. Wipe the outside of the machine and check feed trays and other moving parts. Cleaning your machine does two things. First, it keeps things clean. Second, it gives you the chance to take a good look at everything. The better you know your copier, the more likely you will notice if something isn't working correctly.

Printer Machine Maintenance

Is it Time to Upgrade?

If, despite your best efforts, your office copier regularly malfunctions, it's probably time for an upgrade. Visit Arctic Office to see our selection of copiers and Canon printer machines in Anchorage, AK. We have all the equipment you need to keep your office up and to run. For the best sales and service in the region, trust the team at Arctic Office.

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