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Top 2020 Printer Technology Trends to Watch Out For

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It's not exactly a secret that technology is constantly changing and advancing, often in impressive and unexpected ways. This is certainly true for printer technology in 2020. Not every office printer in Anchorage, AK, is the same, and there are key ways that printers and copiers are improving.

1. Security

You should never ignore printers and printing networks when it comes to information security. There's a lot of data that could be accessed. It's not worth taking a chance, and printer manufacturers are aware. Printer security has steadily advanced, and you should expect this trend to continue. With the enhanced mobility and remote access of modern printers, security is more important than ever before.

2. Mobility

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth accessible printers are on the rise and becoming cheaper every year. This is great news for people who are constantly on the go, who work remotely, or have to consider portability as a top priority. A gigantic behemoth of a printer might be able to churn out copies all day, but this isn't always needed in a modern office. Empowering mobility is key, especially in 2020 and beyond. Accommodating modern applications, software, smartphones, and laptops is simply a given at this point.

3. Managed Print Services

Managing printing in-house can take more time and resources than you really want to dedicate. Having a third-party oversee your printer ecosystem makes a lot of sense if you're looking to simplify your printing. Offices already don't have enough time to tackle everything that demands their attention. They obviously don't want to have to deal with additional or unnecessary tech issues. IT is already busy enough. They may not get to your printer with the latest software update precisely when it's required.

Add in the fact that printer repairs can cost more than a new printer, and you see the underlying issues at hand. Print-related expenses tend to fall somewhere below rent, payroll, and utilities. Most offices don't even keep track of their printing costs. Utilizing managed print services could be the solution. More and more businesses are realizing that it is.

4. Sustainability

Sustainability isn't just a buzzword. It's a legitimate concern. Printers and print cartridges tend to be some of the worst offenders when it comes to their environmental impact. The additional waste that ends up in landfills and the sheer volume of paper that's consumed result in creating significant concerns in terms of how your daily printing affects the world around you. Energy efficiency is also worth mentioning here. Luckily, manufacturers are aware of this. Both waste and efficiency are key considerations as new printers are designed and produced.

Several large copy machines in a row

5. Copiers

Copier are some of the worst culprits. This is especially true if you quantify their impact in terms of resources, energy, or time. Some offices don't need a dedicated copy machine. As a general rule, if you print fewer than 10,000 sheets per month, you likely don't need a copier.

In other offices, the copier is still an essential piece of equipment. Smaller printers or all-in-one models simply can't handle the output and are too slow. Copiers still have their place, but could be worth eliminating or reconsidering depending upon the needs of your office. If you can replace your copy machine with an all-in-one printer, you could be quite happy with the results.

For many businesses, a copy machine in Anchorage, AK, is an integral part of their daily work load. Contact Arctic Office Products at (907) 276-2322 if you'd like to learn more about modern printers and contemporary printing solutions.

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